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Golden Age Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Golden Age questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 10 Golden Age
Grade 10 Golden Age
Under Abbasid rule, a key force unifying the Muslim Empire was
  1. direct political control.
  2. economy and trade.
  3. Persian language and culture.
  4. a common vision of Islam.
Grade 7 Golden Age
What was one benefit of Muslims, Jews and Christians living respectfully together in Cordoba?
  1. They influenced each other's religious practices.
  2. They advanced art, science, and technology.
  3. They developed new forms of government.
  4. They explored far away lands together.
Grade 7 Golden Age
A group of traveling merchants and animals.
  1. Bedouins
  2. caravan
  3. Hajj
  4. Caliph
Grade 10 Golden Age
Grade 7 Golden Age
West African trade was based mainly on which two items?
  1. gold and silver
  2. slaves and copper
  3. silk and ivory
  4. gold and salt
Grade 7 Golden Age
What developed around oases?
  1. feudal manors
  2. trading centers
  3. rival kingdoms
  4. new technologies
Grade 6 Golden Age
What is a merchant caravan?
  1. a group of people traveling together carrying goods for trade
  2. a certain kind of wagon that could be used as a store
  3. a marked route across the Sahara for traders
  4. a place for people to stay in Timbuktu when they came to trade
Grade 9 Golden Age
What was the most important unit in African society?
  1. the family
  2. the government
  3. the church
  4. the post office
Grade 9 Golden Age
How did the Africans pass along the traditions of their people?
  1. written scrolls
  2. oral storytelling
  3. osmosis
  4. medicine men
Grade 7 Golden Age
Which best describes how the rulers of medieval Ghana gained wealth and power?
  1. By conquering the Mali Empire
  2. By converting to Islam
  3. By mining salt
  4. By controlling trade
Grade 7 Golden Age
Arabia's location made it important for what activity?
  1. herding
  2. governing
  3. climbing
  4. trading
Grade 7 Golden Age
Which of these was not present in Islamic art?
  1. geometric images
  2. images of humans
  3. arabesque designs
  4. images of natural patterns
Grade 7 Golden Age
What is our best source of information about ancient Ghana?
  1. Oral histories from West African tribes.
  2. Objects found and studied by archaeologists.
  3. Written records of Arab traders of the time.
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