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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Grammar Questions

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Grade 9 :: Sentence Structure by szeiger
Grade 9 :: Sentence Structure by Chrismeyer
In the following sentence, what is the function of the prepositional phrase?

The claws of the eagle were sharp.
  1. It functions as a pronoun.
  2. It functions as an adjective.
  3. It functions as an adverb.
  4. It functions as an infinitive.
Grade 9 :: Conjunctions by Nsb97
What is a conjunction?
  1. A person place or thing
  2. A movement or action
  3. A word that connects a sentence
Grade 9 :: Parts of Speech by MollyMoore
Used in the place of a noun.
  1. adjective
  2. adverb
  3. pronoun
  4. verb
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