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Second Grade (Grade 2) Main Idea Questions

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Grade 2 :: Main Idea by Gwen1071
Brandon is in the fourth grade. He loves to play games. His favorite game is basketball. When Brandon goes outside, he plays basketball with his friends.

The main idea is:
  1. Brandon is in the fourth grade.
  2. Brandon loves to play games.
  3. Brandon plays outside.
  4. Brandon's favorite game is basketball.
Grade 2 :: Main Idea by Gwen1071
Grade 2 :: Main Idea by ashirley
Grade 2 :: Main Idea by cbmoore319
The main idea of a story tells us:
  1. what to look for in the story.
  2. what the story is mainly about.
  3. how to read a story.
  4. nothing
Grade 2 :: Main Idea by szeiger
Bigfoot is real.
  1. True
  2. False
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