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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Scientific Method Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 7 Scientific Method questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 7 Scientific Method
A(n)                      is a variable representing the value being manipulated or changed.
  1. hypothesis
  2. constant
  3. independent variable
  4. control group
  5. dependent variable
  6. meter
Grade 7 Scientific Method
This is what you as a scientist think will happen next.
  1. communicate
  2. analyze data
  3. predict
  4. modify
Grade 7 Scientific Method
This is a rule that describes the behavior of something in nature.
  1. Scientific theory
  2. Scientific law
  3. Occam's razor
  4. Einstein's theory of relativity
Grade 7 Scientific Method
This is an explanation or model backed by results obtained from many experiments.
  1. Scientific law
  2. Scientific theory
  3. Occam's razor
  4. Rorschach test
Grade 7 Scientific Method
Grade 7 Scientific Method
What states a way you are going to test the explanation of the observation?
  1. hypothesis
  2. analyze data
  3. communicate results
  4. modify
Grade 7 Scientific Method
The first step in the scientific method is:
  1. Organize data
  2. Form a hypothesis
  3. Ask a question
  4. Gather information
Grade 7 Scientific Method
The first step in the scientific process is
  1. conducting initial research
  2. drawing conclusions
  3. collecting data
  4. forming a scientific question
Grade 7 Scientific Method
Which of these steps would probably be the last to occur in a scientific study?
  1. collecting data
  2. drawing conclusions
  3. publishing results
  4. analyzing data
Grade 7 Scientific Method
What are you doing if you are checking to see if the data supports the hypothesis or not?
  1. analyze data
  2. modify the experiment
  3. predict the outcome
  4. design the experiment
Grade 7 Scientific Method
An experiment is a specific test of a
  1. theory
  2. hypothesis
  3. control
  4. variable
Grade 7 Scientific Method
What is NOT true about a hypothesis?
  1. It provides direction for testing
  2. It offers an initial explanation for an observation
  3. It might be used to make predictions
  4. It should be as complicated as possible
Grade 7 Scientific Method
Grade 7 Scientific Method
During which step of the scientific method do you perform an experiment or observational study?
  1. Analyze Results
  2. Draw Conclusions
  3. Hypothesize
  4. Test your Hypothesis
Grade 7 Scientific Method
In an experiment when you keep some things the same, this is known as the
  1. Independent Variable
  2. Dependent Variable
  3. Controlled Variable
  4. No Variable
Grade 7 Scientific Method
Conditions the same in both the control group and the experimental group.
  1. Variable
  2. Experimental
  3. Constants
  4. None of the Above
Grade 7 Scientific Method
A good scientific experiment will include
  1. 2 variables and 2 controls
  2. several constant factors and one variable
  3. no variables
  4. no controls
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