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Sociology Questions - All Grades

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The Sociology questions below are in the following grade levels:
Grades: 7 8 11 12 College Graduate
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Grade 12 :: Sociology by DWehrmeyer
An approach, pioneered by Erving Goffman, analyzing social life in terms of drama or the stage
  1. Gemeinschaft
  2. Gesellschaft
  3. Dramaturgy
  4. Ethnomethodology
Grade 12 :: Sociology by DWehrmeyer
A type of society dominated by impersoanl relationships, individual accomplishments, and self-interest
  1. Functional Requisites
  2. Gemainschaft
  3. Gesellschaft
  4. Organic Solidarity
College :: Sociology by kelseycobb
Which sociologist focused on suicide?
  1. Karl Marx
  2. Emile Durkheim
  3. W.E.B Dubois
  4. Charles Horton Cooley
College :: Sociology by kelseycobb
"applied to classes within society and that the wealthy aristocrats were the fittest and so they survived and prospered in society"
  1. laissez-faire
  2. survival of the fittest
  3. symbolic interactionsim
  4. social classes
Grade 12 :: Sociology by DWehrmeyer
Solidarity based on the interdependance brought about by the division of labor
  1. Organic Solidarity
  2. Mechanical Solidarity
  3. Macrosociology
  4. Microsociology
Grade 12 :: Sociology by DWehrmeyer
Identified four different "distance zones" of personal space that North Americans use while talking to one another
  1. Edward Hall
  2. Mark Snyder
  3. W.I. & Dorothy S. Thomas
  4. Ferdinand Tonnies
Grade 12 :: Sociology by DWehrmeyer
Deeply imbedded common understandings, or basic rules, concerning our view of the world and of how people ought to act
  1. Functional Requisites
  2. Impression Management
  3. Background Assumptions
  4. Social Class
Graduate :: Sociology by MaryCatherine
Based on Chaos Theory, certain metaphors may be applied to behaviors observed in families. Which is NOT one?
  1. A compressed rubber ball being bounced around.
  2. A butterfly flitting around.
  3. A computer shutting down.
  4. A snow avalanche careening down a slope.
Grade 12 :: Sociology by DWehrmeyer
Where performances are given
  1. Back Stage
  2. Front Stage
  3. Role
  4. Group
Grade 12 :: Sociology by DWehrmeyer
The major tasks that a society must fulfill if it is to survive
  1. Functional Requisites
  2. Social Institution
  3. Social Structure
  4. Teamwork
Grade 12 :: Sociology by DWehrmeyer
Positions an individual either inherits at birth or receives involuntarily later in life
  1. Achieved Status
  2. Ascribed Status
  3. Role
  4. Social Integration
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