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The Outsiders - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Tenth Grade (Grade 10)

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Grade 10 The Outsiders
Grade 10 The Outsiders
What worries Ponyboy when he reads the newspaper about himself, Johnny, and Dally being heroes?
  1. He thinks the newspaper is lying about them
  2. He doesn't want the family split up
  3. He thinks Dally will be arrested
  4. He thinks Johnny will be put in jail
Grade 10 The Outsiders
What does Johnny tell Ponyboy in the note he finds in the Gone with the Wind?
  1. Get revenge for my death
  2. Stay gold
  3. leave the gang
  4. Move away
Grade 10 The Outsiders
Why isn't Randy going to show up at the rumble?
  1. He is moving out of town
  2. He is too injured to fight
  3. He thinks it is pointless
  4. He knows the Socs will lose
Grade 10 The Outsiders
Spy for greasers                
  1. Cherry
  2. Paul Holden
  3. Johnny
  4. Dally
  5. Randy
Grade 10 The Outsiders
Why does Ponyboy say, "We needed Johnny as much as he needed the gang. And for the same reason"?
  1. The gangs likes taking care of Johnny
  2. The gang needed Johnny's money
  3. Johnny was a good cook
  4. Ponyboy liked teaching him acrobatics
Grade 10 The Outsiders
Grade 10 The Outsiders
Why do the policemen shoot Dally?
  1. Dally tried to steal a cop car
  2. Dally was caught illegally betting on the rodeo
  3. The police heard Dally helped Ponyboy and Johnny
  4. Dally had a gun
Grade 10 The Outsiders
Why do the Curtises leave their front door open?
  1. In case of a fire, they can leave easily
  2. There are no locks on the doors
  3. So any greaser can stay there if he needs to
  4. To tempt robbers to try and steal something
Grade 10 The Outsiders
Grade 10 The Outsiders
Grade 10 The Outsiders
How does Dally react when Johnny tells him he knifed Bob?
  1. He is proud
  2. He is mad
  3. He is shocked
  4. He wants them to turn themselves in
Grade 10 The Outsiders
Grade 10 The Outsiders
How does Ponyboy know that the person coming through the leaves is Johnny?
  1. Johnny is singing
  2. Johnny calls out Ponyboy's names
  3. Johnny uses the secret knock
  4. Johnny whistles
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