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WWI Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 WWI
What other name is given to World War I?
  1. The Holocaust
  2. The Cold War
  3. The Russian Revolution
  4. The Great War
Grade 6 WWI
What was the Zimmerman Telegram?
  1. Hitler's speech about the Jews
  2. Note about the sinking of the Lusitania
  3. Note asking Mexico to fight the U.S.
  4. Britain's letter of surrender
Grade 9 WWI
What treaty ended WWI?
  1. Treaty of Versailles
  2. Treaty of Parris
  3. Treaty of Germany
  4. Treaty of Allied Powers
Grade 9 WWI
After WWI, Germany was subject to
  1. huge reparations
  2. reduction of army, air force, and submarines
  3. accepting the war guilt clause
  4. all of the above
Grade 9 WWI
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy were known as the
  1. Triple Entente
  2. Triple Powers
  3. Triple Alliance
  4. Three countries
Grade 9 WWI
The Western Front was characterized by
  1. the slow but steady advance of the German army.
  2. trench warfare that kept both sides in virtually the same positions for four years.
  3. decisive victories by the French army, quickly driving back the German forces.
  4. innovative strategy and tactics that fully utilized the new technologies available to both armies.
Grade 5 WWI
When did submarines come into practical use?
  1. World War I
  2. World War II
  3. Revolutionary War
  4. War of 1812
Grade 9 WWI
The alliance between Great Britain, Russia, and France was known as the
  1. Western Advance
  2. Triple Entente
  3. Triple Alliance
  4. League of Nations
Grade 11 WWI
Why did most European nations announce they would no longer pay their war debts to the United States?
  1. The United States became to powerful
  2. Sacrifices they made during the WWI seemed pointless
  3. Europe didn't have the money
  4. They had paid their debt off to the United States
Grade 9 WWI
Who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia?
  1. Gavrillo Princip
  2. Adolf Hitler
  3. League of Nations
  4. Auschwitz
Grade 9 WWI
Declared that Germany and Austria were responsibly for starting WWI.
  1. mandate
  2. conscription
  3. Lawrence of Arabia
  4. War Guilt Clause
Grade 11 WWI
What was the area in between trenched called during W.W.I. ?
  1. The great soldier zone
  2. The Dead zone
  3. No man's land
  4. No tolerance land
Grade 8 WWI
Grade 11 WWI
Which option represents the three best reasons for the start of World War I?
  1. poverty, imperialism, racism
  2. nationalism, imperialism, militarism
  3. naval trade, natural resources, nationalism
  4. natural resources, trade, women's right to vote
Grade 9 WWI
The Western Front turned into a stalemate with the introduction of
  1. Total war
  2. Trench warfare
  3. No mans land
  4. more weapons
Grade 11 WWI
Grade 10 WWI
How did the alliance system contribute to the outbreak of conflict in Europe?
  1. Germany refused to join any European alliances.
  2. Nations pledged to intervene if an ally was attacked.
  3. Asian nations viewed the agreements as intentionally exclusive.
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