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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Young Adult Literature Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 9 Young Adult Literature questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 9 The Giver
On what occasion might a parent call a child by a number rather than a name?
  1. When they have forgotten the child's name
  2. When the child misbehaves
  3. When they are dropping the child off at school
  4. When they are filling out official documents and forms
Grade 9 The Giver
What is one example of a time when release is not a disgrace or punishment?
  1. Release of the Old
  2. Release of the Lawbreakers
  3. Release of a Young Adult
  4. Release of a Childless Adult
Grade 9 The Giver
What ritual does Jonas's family, and everyone else in the community, perform every night?
  1. The telling of feelings
  2. Prayers before dinner
  3. Eating only fruits and vegetables, no meat
  4. The telling of dreams
Grade 9 The Giver
What happens at the Ceremony of Twelve in Jonas's community?
  1. The children enter high school
  2. The children are given their bicycles
  3. The children are given their adult job titles
  4. The children are given their own houses
Grade 9 The Giver
What was Jonas frightened of at the very beginning of The Giver?
  1. Asking Fiona on a date
  2. An airplane flying over the community
  3. An apple
  4. Disappointing his family
Grade 9 Whirligig
What three new things did Brent learn on his journey? Choose all three.
  1. the names of several constellations
  2. how to yodel
  3. how to build whirligigs
  4. how to play the harmonica
Grade 9 The Giver
What is Jonas's father's job?
  1. Law and Justice
  2. Nurturer
  3. Laborer
  4. Teacher
Grade 9 The Giver
Grade 9 Stargirl
How does Archie know Stargirl?
  1. He is her father.
  2. He is her uncle.
  3. He takes her on trips with him.
  4. He helped homeschool her.
Grade 9 Stargirl
How does Stargirl continue to be unique even while being a cheerleader?
  1. She doesn't wear the uniform.
  2. She cheers for both teams.
  3. She sings during the cheers.
  4. She wears her hair in pigtails.
Grade 9 Young Adult Literature
Melinda feels alienated. What does it mean to be alienated?
  1. to be popular
  2. to cause (someone) to feel isolated or estranged.
  3. to be talkative
  4. to cause someone to gossip about others
Grade 9 Stargirl
Who is Archie?
  1. A retired paleontologist who teaches students on Saturdays
  2. A teacher at MAHS
  3. Leo's father
  4. Leo's best friend
Grade 9 Stargirl
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