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Grade 8 Romiette and Julio
Who is the author of Romiette and Julio?
  1. Malaka Grimes
  2. Romiette Capelli
  3. Sharon Draper
  4. Maria Montague
Kindergarten Little Bear CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.K.1
In "Little Bear," what is Maurice Sendak's job?
  1. Author
  2. Co-author
  3. Illustrator
  4. Narrator
Grade 6 Story Elements
The tragic hero in a drama is called the:
  1. antagonist
  2. author
  3. protagonist
  4. director
Grade 8 Vocabulary CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.8.4
Push or drive someone to act a certain way:
  1. authorize
  2. ban
  3. impel
  4. boycott
Grade 5 American Revolution
The Declaration of Independence stated that?
  1. The authority to govern belonged to the colonists.
  2. The authority to govern belonged to the British
  3. The authority to tax belonged to the king
  4. The authority to tax belonged to the British
Grade 5 Vocabulary
the person who tells a story
  1. narrator
  2. author
  3. enough
  4. plenty
Grade 7 Text Elements
A person who writes the story or a book is called a/an:
  1. illustrator
  2. poet
  3. author
  4. playwright
Grade 9 Vocabulary
Grade 2 Vocabulary
a person in charge
  1. authority
  2. composer
  3. habitat
None Networks
What documentation signifies that a system is not allowed to connect to the global information grid (GIG)?
  1. Denial of authorization to operate (DATO)
  2. Interim authorization to operate (IATO)
  3. Authorization to operate (ATO)
  4. Iterim authorization to test (IATT)
Grade 2 Vocabulary
Grade 3 Story Elements
Which word means a person in a story or play?
  1. author
  2. person
  3. character
  4. dialogue
Grade 5 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling:
  1. athorization
  2. authorisation
  3. authorization
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