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Grade 6 English as a Second Language ESL
past tense of to keep
  1. keeps
  2. kept
  3. keeped
  4. will keep
Grade 6 Vocabulary
To keep out:
  1. belated
  2. caress
  3. convey
  4. exclude
Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 3 Vocabulary
Grade 10 Synonyms
Grade 2 China
The Great Wall was built to
  1. keep unwanted animals
  2. keep out women and children
  3. keep out pets
  4. keep out enemies and invaders
Grade 3 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RI.3.1

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According to the passage, what is the main reason you need to blink?
  1. to keep your eyes clear
  2. to keep your eyes moist
  3. to keep your eyes dry
  4. to keep your eyes safe
Grade 2 Spelling
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)

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Why do plants like the little flower need light?
  1. to eat
  2. to survive
  3. to keep warm
None Vocabulary
Keep trying, no matter how hard it is to keep a promise.
  1. commitment
  2. tolerance
  3. empathy
  4. curiosity
Grade 2 Vocabulary
When you give something up you...
  1. abandon it
  2. purchase it
  3. keep it
Grade 10 Synonyms
Grade 3 Antonyms
An antonym for abandon is:
  1. leave
  2. keep
  3. desert
  4. forsake
Grade 4 Spelling
Grade 5 Vocabulary
To guard, keep safe, or shelter
  1. enhance
  2. families
  3. larvae
  4. protect
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