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Continuing Education Culinary Skills
In the 20th century, who named the five mother sauces of French cuisine?
  1. Julia Child
  2. Paul Bocuse
  3. Auguste Escoffier
  4. Jacques Pepin
Grade 12 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
From where does the effector cell get instructions?
  1. Brain
  2. Its mother
  3. My mother
  4. Your mother
Grade 10 Frankenstein
After writing Frankenstein, what was Mary Shelley known as?
  1. Mother of Suspense
  2. Mother of Science Fiction
  3. Mother of Darkness
Grade 8 Sentence Structure
Grade 6 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 5 Development and Reproduction
Grade 9 The White
Who got scalped in Marys family?
  1. father, Thomas
  2. mother, father
  3. mother, father, Thomas
  4. mother, Thomas
Grade 6 Civil Rights
Rosa Parks was considered:
  1. the "Mother of the Apartheid."
  2. the "Mother of the Martin Luther King."
  3. the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement."
Grade 8 A Doll's House
The girls predict that the Kelveys will grow up to be...
  1. waitresses.
  2. mothers.
  3. servants.
  4. washerwomen.
Kindergarten Zoology
What do mammal babies drink?
  1. their mother's milk.
  2. ice tea.
Grade 2 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. mohter
  2. mother
  3. moter
  4. mutter
Continuing Education Family and Friends
Grade 4 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Who taught Peter to stand on his head?
  1. Fugde
  2. Grandma
  3. Mother
  4. Father
Grade 7 Compare and Contrast CCSS: CCRA.R.9, RL.7.9

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Kindergarten Children's Literature
Grade 2 Nouns
Grade 6 Root Words
What does the root "frater" mean?
  1. father
  2. mother
  3. brother
  4. sister
Grade 9 Root Words
Pater, Patris
  1. To be born
  2. To die
  3. Father
  4. Mother
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