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Kindergarten Basic Measurement Concepts CCSS: K.MD.A.1
Grade 9 World War I
What was President Wilson's initial attitude toward the US involvement in World War One?
  1. He wanted to remain neutral
  2. He wanted to enter the war on the side of Britain and the Allies
  3. He wanted to support Germany and the Central Powers
  4. He wanted to pressure Germany to make peace with The Ottoman Empire
Grade 4 Fractions and Ratios
What would this fraction be called?

  1. Two Fourths
  2. Two four
  3. 2 4
Grade 9 World War I
What was the spark that set off WWI?
  1. the alliance linking the Central Powers
  2. the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  3. the development of trench warfare
  4. the encouragement of Serbian nationalists by Germany
Grade 9 World War I
Which of the following was NOT a cause of World War One?
  1. militarism
  2. imperialism
  3. alliances
  4. isolationism
  5. they all were causes
Grade 5 Zoology
About how many eggs can a frog lay at a time?
  1. one million
  2. one thousand
  3. one hundred
  4. one
Grade 1 Time CCSS: 1.MD.B.3
What time does the clock show?
Digital Clock 01:00
  1. one o'clock
  2. one thirty
Grade 9 English as a Second Language ESL
Grade 9 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Kindergarten Whole Numbers CCSS: K.CC.C.6
Kindergarten Whole Numbers CCSS: K.CC.C.6
Kindergarten Whole Numbers CCSS: K.CC.C.6
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