About Group Pro

Group Pro is a premium feature allowing schools and businesses to get group licenses for many users at highly discounted rates. Additionally, Group Pro allows group members to view and print tests and worksheets shared by other members of the group, while also maintaining their own private tests and worksheets.

How it Works

A group administrator signs up for a Group Pro subscriptions, then uses the invitation form on HelpTeaching.com to send invitations via e-mail to prospective group members. Once invited individuals accept their invitation by clicking through on a link in their invitation email and register, they instantly gain full subscriber benefits. Both new and existing users can join a group.

A group administrator can: start or cancel a subscription, change the group name, and send invites to join their group. Other group members have full subscriber status, but cannot manage group access.

Plans, Benefits, and Pricing

Licenses for up to 30 users ($249 per year) and up to 50 users ($374 per year) are available. If you subscribe now, you'll retain this price for the duration of your subscription.

How to Get a Group Pro Subscription

First, register for a free membership, then start a Group Pro subscription. If you would like a plan supporting more than 30 users, please contact us.

If you have any questions about group subscriptions, please contact us or send an e-mail to support@helpteaching.com.