How to Add Images to Questions

There are three ways to add Help Teaching Pro images to questions.

  • While creating or editing a question, click on an image in the left module.


  • Type the name of an image between [img] and [/img]
  • [img] and [/img] are case sensitive
  • Example: [img]Rectangle ABCD[/img]


  • Upload your own custom images. While creating or editing a question, click on the My Images tab, then the Upload An Image button.

Some features and limitations:

  • Multiple images can appear in both questions and answers
  • All image names below are case sensitive

Click on an image category below to view all available images for that category.

The table below shows the available image sizes with corresponding print width and height.

Image Sizes
Size Pixels Inches Centimeters
PICTOGRAPH 75x75 0.78" 1.98 cm
EXTRA-SMALL 100x100 1.04" 2.64 cm
SMALL 200x200 2.08" 5.28 cm
MEDIUM 400x400 4.17" 10.59 cm
MEDIUM-HALF-HEIGHT 400x200 4.17" x 2.08" 10.59 cm x 5.28 cm
LARGE 600x600 6.25" 15.6 cm
LARGE-HALF-HEIGHT 600x300 6.25" x 3.12" 15.6 cm x 1.92 cm
RULER 600x100 6.25" x 1.04" 15.6 cm x 2.64 cm
THERMOMETER 100x600 1.04" x 6.25" 2.64 cm x 15.6 cm
EXACT Size of Image