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Third Grade (Grade 3) Ancient History Questions

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Grade 3 Mesopotamia
Which city had a large terraced garden?
  1. Ephesus
  2. Nineveh
  3. Alexandria
Grade 3 Roman Empire
The wars fought between Rome and Carthage are called the                .
  1. Punic Wars
  2. Latin Wars
  3. Sicilian Wars
Grade 3 Greece
In Athens, the right to vote was held by                .
  1. Everyone
  2. Only free men
  3. All men
Grade 3 Greece
Where was the Statue of Zeus located?
  1. Delphi
  2. Athens
  3. Olympia
Grade 3 Roman Empire
To rule during time of war, the Roman Senate elected a                .
  1. Dictator
  2. Tribune
  3. Gladiator
Grade 3 Egypt
Which of the Seven Wonders still survives today?
  1. The Temple of Artemis
  2. The Statue of Zeus
  3. The Great Pyramid
Grade 3 Greece
What was the Colossus of Rhodes?
  1. A giant statue
  2. A lighthouse
  3. A tomb
Grade 3 Egypt
The One of the Seven Wonders of the World built in Alexandria was a                .
  1. Museum
  2. Library
  3. Lighthouse
Grade 3 Roman Empire
A                          is a government in which people vote for, or elect, a smaller group of people to make rules and laws for everyone.
  1. representative democracy
  2. club democracy
  3. monarchy
  4. selective democracy
Grade 3 Greece
What kind of democracy did ancient Greece have?
  1. representative democracy
  2. direct democracy
  3. Greek democracy
Grade 3 Greece
Who was the temple at Ephesus dedicated to?
  1. Zeus
  2. Athena
  3. Artemis
Grade 3 Greece
What is a mausoleum?
  1. A lighthouse
  2. A temple
  3. A tomb
Grade 3 Roman Empire
The government of Rome was representative. Senators were elected by the                .
  1. people
  2. kings
  3. queens
  4. gods
Grade 3 Roman Empire
Ancient Romans                 farming, trading, and building roads.
  1. disliked
  2. were learning
  3. watched
  4. specialized in
Grade 3 Roman Empire

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What body of water did the Romans use for trading?
  1. Red Sea
  2. Mediterranean Sea
  3. Atlantic Ocean
  4. Aegean Sea
Grade 3 Roman Empire
The expression, "All Roads Lead To                " refers to the fact that Rome was the center of ancient civilization.
  1. Europe
  2. Italy
  3. Rome
  4. Asia
Grade 3 Roman Empire

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The ancient Romans competed in several different athletic events. They also considered the                 fights at the Colosseum as sports.
  1. boxing
  2. sporting
  3. gladiator
  4. outdoor
Grade 3 Greece

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Women were allowed to vote in ancient Greece.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 Greece

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In a                 democracy, all citizens have a chance to vote and govern themselves.
  1. representative
  2. Parthenon
  3. direct
  4. Supreme
Grade 3 Greece
Why were many people in ancient Greece traders or ship builders?
  1. Because it paid them well
  2. Because Greece is located near the sea
  3. Because they couldn't find other jobs
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