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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Ancient History Questions

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Grade 4 Egypt
What was the Wonder of the World located in Alexandria?
  1. A pyramid
  2. A library
  3. A lighthouse
Grade 4 Greece
Alexander the Great founded over                 cities.
  1. 20
  2. 300
  3. 40
  4. 70
Grade 4 Greece
What is the Greek name for the Goddess of Marriage?
  1. Minerva
  2. Hera
  3. Proserpine
Grade 4 Roman Empire
Who is the Roman King of the Gods?
  1. Vulcan
  2. Bacchus
  3. Jupiter
Grade 4 Ancient History
To migrate means
  1. to trade for goods and services
  2. to hunt for food
  3. to move from one place to another
Grade 4 Greece
What is the Roman name for Demeter?
  1. Hestia
  2. Ceres
  3. Venus
Grade 4 Ancient History
What do archaeologists study to learn about ancient people?
  1. plants
  2. stars
  3. artifacts
Grade 4 Ancient History
What does an archaeologist do?
  1. Dig in the ground to find buried dinosaur bones
  2. Dig in the ground to find old buried objects
  3. Study people by interviewing them
  4. Study native Americans
Grade 4 China
The Chinese used this animal to carry heavy loads
  1. camels
  2. elephants
  3. donkey
  4. horses
Grade 4 Greece
How many colonies did the Greeks set up?
  1. 200
  2. 100
  3. 10
  4. 50
Grade 4 Egypt
The Nile is in          Africa         . Farmers liked when it flooded because it watered their        land       .
Grade 4 Ancient History
By studying the                in coprolites, archaeologists can tell what time of the year people lived in the rock shelters.
  1. honey
  2. pollen
  3. blood
  4. bones
Grade 4 Ancient History
Archaeologists discovered they could study the archaic diet by examining                .
  1. rocks
  2. coprolites
  3. cave drawings
  4. insects
Grade 4 Ancient History
An                 archaeologist                studies artifacts and sites to learn about ancient people.
Grade 4 Ancient History
An artifact is something that people from long ago used to
  1. hunt
  2. cook their food
  3. make their clothes
  4. all of the above
Grade 4 Ancient History
The Phoenicians used                 to make their special dye.
  1. flowers
  2. lye
  3. snails
  4. cedar logs
Grade 4 Ancient History
What was the color of the Phoenicians' famous dye?
  1. green
  2. blue
  3. purple
  4. gold
Grade 4 Egypt
The Hippocratic Oath that doctor's take today originated with Imhotep, who held several titles including that of physician.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 Ancient History
An archaeologist is a scientist who studies
  1. dinosaurs
  2. people that lived a long time ago
  3. medicine
Grade 4 Ancient History
Who were the first people to live in what is now the USA?
  1. Native Americans or American Indians
  2. European Settlers and enslaved africans
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