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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Ancient History Questions

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Grade 4 Egypt
What was the Wonder of the World located in Alexandria?
  1. pyramid
  2. library
  3. lighthouse
Grade 4 Greece
Alexander the Great founded over                 cities.
  1. 20
  2. 300
  3. 40
  4. 70
Grade 4 Ancient History
When Joseph's brothers came to Egypt to buy food during the famine, they recognized Joseph immediately.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 Ancient History
What did the people in Mesopotamia think of the Assyrians?
  1. They thought the Assyrians were fair rulers.
  2. They did not think that the Assyrians were good warriors.
  3. They thought the Assyrians had good laws.
  4. They were scared of the Assyrians.
Grade 4 Ancient History
What were the houses in the Indus Valley made of?
  1. stone
  2. cedar logs
  3. animal skins
  4. mud bricks baked in hard ovens
Grade 4 Ancient History
When the Israelites moved to Egypt, they began to worship the same gods that the Egyptians worshipped.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 Ancient History
Where did Hammurabi write down his laws?
  1. There were written on a scroll in a ziggurat.
  2. They were written on clay tablets.
  3. There were carved on the walls of the palace.
  4. They were carved on a stone monument.
Grade 4 Ancient History
The rivers in China often flooded.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 Mesopotamia
                Civilizations                are societies organized around cities with a central government, a means of food production, a system of writing, art, architecture, and job specialization.

               Divine right               is the belief that something comes straight from God, not from the people.

                 Oral Tradition                 is creating new stories, passing down information from generation to generation through spoken word and memorization instead of by writing it down.

        Clans        are families who live together.
Grade 4 Ancient History
The ancient Chinese discovered a way to make a special fabric called         silk          and used a special kind of writing called              pictograms             .
Grade 4 Ancient History
The people of India built cities near the               Indus River               often around huge circular mounds called            citadels           .
Grade 4 Ancient History
Many ancient cities were built near          rivers          and people began to make money by            trading             with other cities.
Grade 4 Ancient History
A dynasty is when a family rules one country for many years. For example, the Shang dynasty ruled for about 500 years.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 Ancient History
Hammurabi wanted people to follow his laws because they were right- not because solders were making them obey.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 Ancient History
What kind of animals did farmers in China raise?
  1. sheep and goats
  2. elephants and water buffalo
  3. turkeys and geese
  4. pigs, chickens, and cows
Grade 4 Ancient History
Farmers in India grew grain like the Mesopotamians, but they also grew                  .
  1. corn and melons
  2. rice and beans
  3. cotton and melons
  4. corn and rice
Grade 4 Ancient History
What happened after Shamshi-Adad died?
  1. His two sons ruled together peacefully.
  2. Gilgamesh became the new ruler.
  3. Hammurabi conquered the Assyrians.
  4. His two sons split his empire.
Grade 4 Ancient History
People in Babylon believed that they could find out what the gods were doing by                                                .
  1. praying and offering sacrifices
  2. watching the movements of the planets and stars
  3. asking the priests
  4. observing nature
Grade 4 Ancient History
The story of             Gilgamesh             is one of the oldest fairy-tales in the world and according to the story, a         snake         ate a magic plant that made it live forever.
Grade 4 Ancient History
What did Joseph's brothers do to him?
  1. They killed him.
  2. They sold him to traders as a slave.
  3. They threw him in a pit and left him there.
  4. They made fun of him.
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