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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Ancient History Questions

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Grade 11 Mesopotamia
Grade 11 Ancient History
Grade 11 Ancient History
When do historian believe the practice of agriculture started in many different parts of the world?
  1. about 1 million years ago
  2. about 100,000 years ago
  3. about 10,000 years ago
  4. about 300 years ago
Grade 11 Ancient History
Grade 11 Ancient History
What is an "Artifact?"
  1. Fossilized bones
  2. Stories and myths associated with a culture
  3. Monsoon season
  4. Any object created or modified by humans
Grade 11 Ancient History
Dendochronology is a dating method that relies on what?
  1. Dental fossils
  2. Tree rings
  3. Dendium 14 decay rates
  4. Rock layers
Grade 11 Ancient History
Grade 11 Ancient History
What is a midden?
  1. Refuse disposal area
  2. Neither front nor back
  3. Material found in the stomach of frozen organism
  4. Main lodge pole in Hopi buildings
Grade 11 Ancient History
What is Taphonomy?
  1. The study of how an organism becomes a fossil
  2. The study of graves and burial practices
  3. The study and dance and culture
  4. The study of myths portrayed in Tapestries
Grade 11 Roman Empire
Who founded Rome?
  1. Romulus and Remus
  2. Rumulans and Vulcans
  3. Indo-Turkics
  4. Jarrell and his Wife
Grade 11 Roman Empire
Who were the plebians?
  1. Commoners in Rome
  2. First level Mongol horsemen
  3. Female Mongol warriors
  4. The Patrician class of Rome
Grade 11 Roman Empire
What is the Pax Romana
  1. Italian for plague
  2. Third emperor after Caesar
  3. Peace of Rome
  4. Piece of pie
Grade 11 Roman Empire
When did Rome fall?
  1. 509 AD
  2. 476 BC
  3. 1453 AD
  4. 479 AD
Grade 11 Roman Empire
What were Consuls?
  1. Early forms of entertainment
  2. Process by which Muslim widows became remarried
  3. Executives of the Roman Republic
  4. Scabs formed by the Plague
Grade 11 Roman Empire
Who ended the persecution of Christians with the Edict of Milan?
  1. Caesar
  2. Constantine
  3. Justinian
  4. Milo the Milanese
Grade 11 Roman Empire
Why is Basil Remembered in Byzantine history?
  1. He was a blind Russian Tsar
  2. He blinded his Bulgarian captives (99 of 100)
  3. He invented the Venetian Blind
  4. He went blind
Grade 11 Roman Empire
What was Justinian's wife's name?
  1. Hestia
  2. Helena
  3. Hermetia
  4. Theodora
Grade 11 Roman Empire
What is Trajan known for?
  1. Founder of Walgreens
  2. Freed Christians
  3. Expanded Rome to its greatest extent
  4. Greek Fire
Grade 11 Roman Empire
What do we call Justinian's system of law?
  1. Justinian's Code
  2. The Codex
  3. The Novella
  4. Justinian's Law
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