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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Artificial Intelligence Questions

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Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
One of the advantages that expert system can perform is...
  1. large data storage capacity
  2. speeds up the processing speed of CPU in computer
  3. Reduces the human's weight who are over-wighted
  4. Makes knowledge available to more people
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
What is the best description for "knowledge base"?
  1. how long can a human brain can store information
  2. a database that contains both facts and a system of rules for determining and changing the relationship among facts
  3. a computer behave like humans
  4. convert humans' "memories" into "data format", able to save in computer
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
What congenitive skills does the term Intelligence cover?
  1. ability to solve problems
  2. learn
  3. unerstand language
  4. all of the above
  5. cannot be determined yet
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
What is "natural language"?
  1. a weird characters appears oncCommand Promt on computer
  2. a spelling error check that Microsoft Word does
  3. a language that people speak and write every day
  4. letters that appears at the end of the files such as; .jpg, .exe, .pdf etc...
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
Which is not an example of an expert System in action?
  1. American Express - the automated process of checking for fraud and misuses
  2. TI 84 Graphing calculator - the process of making a graph with a given data
  3. Boeing Company - locating the right parts and tools to build a plane
  4. All of them are expert systems in action
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
Which of the following technique is part of the artificial intelligence (AI)?
  1. Able to burn a movie into DVD
  2. Able to save a picture in jpg format in hard disk
  3. Able to play mp3 files stored in hard disk
  4. Able to understand the humans' languages
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
Which of the following is an advantage of expert systems?
  1. Help train new employees
  2. Combine the knowledge of several experts
  3. Preserve the knowledge of experts after those experts leave an organization
  4. Provide expertise when no experts are available.
  5. All of the above
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
What is pattern recognition?
  1. to draw a simple picture automatically, by computer itself
  2. to identify recurring patterns in input data with the goal of understanding or categorizing that input
  3. to save a Microsoft Word Document
  4. to play movie on computer
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