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Third Grade (Grade 3) Culture Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 3 Culture questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 3 Culture
During which season did the Kwakiutls catch salmon?
  1. summer
  2. fall
  3. winter
  4. spring
Grade 3 Culture
Who is the speechmaker during a totem-pole raising ceremony?
  1. The mother
  2. The head of the family
  3. Eldest child
  4. The head of the village
Grade 3 Culture
How would you describe a rural community?
  1. The towns are small and far away
  2. The cities are big.
  3. The towns have many people.
  4. The towns have many schools.
Grade 3 Culture
Why do people form communities?
  1. They want to live and work where they feel safe.
  2. They want chaos.
  3. They want to live apart,
  4. They want to go to concerts.
Grade 3 Culture
Why do many communities hold their own special celebrations?
  1. To have an all you can eat pie contest.
  2. To show all the livestock people own.
  3. To pass out ribbons to the winners of past contests.
  4. To bring the people of the community together.
Grade 3 Culture
All the populations that live in the same place make up a                .
  1. Citizen
  2. Suburb
  3. Community
Grade 3 Culture
A place where people work, live, and worship together is a                
  1. border
  2. history
  3. community
  4. Urban
Grade 3 Culture
What is a very important part of culture?
  1. holidays
  2. pets
  3. friends
  4. language
Grade 3 Culture
The number of people living in an area.
  1. elevation
  2. fertile
  3. floodplain
  4. population
Grade 3 Culture
What is an example of culture?
  1. parks
  2. hospitals
  3. language
  4. computers
Grade 3 Culture
Which one is NOT an example of people or groups that help our communities?
  1. doctors
  2. libraries
  3. schools
  4. donut shop
Grade 3 Culture
What of the following is NOT a reason that people live in communities?
  1. to be near areas where they work
  2. to do things with other people
  3. to be near large buildings
  4. to have places to enjoy themselves and spend their free time
Grade 3 Culture
What does culture mean?
  1. listening to other people
  2. the art, beliefs, and customs shared by a group of people
  3. a way people dance
Grade 3 Culture
A culture area is                                                    
  1. a place where culture is learned
  2. a region in which people share the same way of life
  3. an area where neighbors have a party
Grade 3 Culture
What is an ancestor?
  1. a relative from a long time ago
  2. your parents
  3. your brothers and sisters
Grade 3 Culture
An             ethnicity             is a group of people that have the same customs, religion, language or origin.
Grade 3 Culture
What is culture?
  1. a festival
  2. a map
  3. a lake
  4. a way of life
Grade 3 Culture
What is your main social role in your community?
  1. to behave
  2. to work with your parents
  3. to do your chores
  4. to be a student
Grade 3 Culture
What are some things that culture includes? (Write in a complete sentence)
Grade 3 Culture
Which of these most contributed to the growth of suburbs in the United States?
  1. automobiles
  2. factories
  3. railroads
  4. skyscrapers
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