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Education Questions - All Grades

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Continuing Education Early Childhood Education
What is the best description of solitary play?
  1. Children play contentedly by themselves.
  2. Children play side-by-side, each doing his or her own thing.
  3. Children play together and cooperate.
  4. Children play games with rules together.
Continuing Education Early Childhood Education
The toddlers in your care like to climb up on the toy shelves. You know this is dangerous because the shelves are not steady. What should you do?
  1. Put the children in time out until they learn not to climb on shelves.
  2. Attach the shelves to the floor so they are steady, and then let the toddlers climb all they want
  3. Attach the shelves to the floor or wall, and help children find a better place to climb.
  4. Remove the shelves from the room and keep the toys in a tall cabinet.
Continuing Education Early Childhood Education
When a preschooler has difficulty doing a puzzle she has chose, what is the best thing to do?
  1. Put the pieces in for the child.
  2. Give a little help until the child can finish it for herself.
  3. Take the puzzle away and giver her an easier one.
  4. Tell the child to finish it before choosing something else to do.
Continuing Education Early Childhood Education
Which is the most appropriate special activity for young children to take part in?
  1. An hour-long graduation ceremony
  2. A beauty contest
  3. An end of the year play
  4. A picnic
Continuing Education Early Childhood Education
During dramatic play, a child throws a baby doll onto the floor as she yells, "I hate babies!" You know there is a new baby in this child's family. What would an appropriate response be?
  1. Pick up the doll and say, "Poor baby, She was such a bad girl for throwing you down."
  2. Tell the child that she should not throw toys and if she does it again, she will have to leave the housekeeping area.
  3. Recognize the child's feeling and encourage her to talk about how she feels.
  4. Ignore her behavior and say to another child, "You are so good, you never throw dolls!"
Grade 10 Early Childhood Education
Grade 10 Early Childhood Education
College Elementary Education
To establish a classroom community, teachers should
  1. discourage visits from other school personnel.
  2. discourage parental notes and phone calls.
  3. use the first two weeks to establish routines in the classroom.
  4. assume that children are familiar with school routines from the previous year.
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