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Special Needs Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Special Needs questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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College Special Needs
What does FERPA mean?
  1. Family Evaluation Rights and Privacy Act
  2. First Education Records and Privacy Act
  3. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  4. Family Education Records and Privilege Assessment
College Special Needs
Possibly the most important reason that students with disabilities must be provided sufficient access to the general curriculum is
  1. opportunity to make good grades
  2. the right to attend prom and atheletic events
  3. the law's mandate for all students' inclusion in high-stakes tests
  4. social promotion
Graduate Special Needs
Visual supports may be helpful for (select all that apply):
  1. Showing the steps to completing an activity.
  2. Explaining the order of activities.
  3. Showing when something will occur.
  4. Transitioning from one activity to another.
  5. Ending a preferred activity.
  6. Becoming engaged in an activity.
College Special Needs
The greatest equalizer for the deaf in terms of technology and feeling the same as a hearing person has been:
  1. the TDD
  2. the TTY
  3. the Cochlear Implant
  4. the latest digital hearing aids
  5. the cell phone
College Special Needs
What percent of Deaf people have Deaf parents?
  1. 10 percent
  2. 25 percent
  3. 50 percent
  4. greater than 50 percent
College Special Needs
Graduate Special Needs
Children who may benefit from visual supports are those who:
  1. Don't like to stop an enjoyable activity.
  2. Have trouble staying focused on the present activity.
  3. Do not do what they are told.
  4. Like to draw pictures.
  5. Become frustrated when demands are placed on them.
  6. Always want to look at pictures in books.
College Special Needs
The non participation justification
  1. Explains why the student will take a modified version of the MCAS
  2. Explains why the student will not be allowed on certain field trips.
  3. Explains why the student will be pulled out of general education for all or part of their education.
  4. Explains why the student will remain 100% in the general education classroom.
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