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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) French Revolution Questions

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Grade 6 French Revolution
Grade 6 French Revolution
Napoleon's rules of individual and social rights using enlightenment principles
  1. Continental System
  2. Napoleonic Code
  3. Concordat of 1801
  4. Plebiscite
Grade 6 French Revolution
Admiral Horatio Nelson defeats the French Fleet at this battle.
  1. Battle of Waterloo
  2. Battle of Trafalgar
  3. Battle of Corsica
  4. Battle of the French Armada
Grade 6 French Revolution
What happened to Napoleon at age 9?
  1. Sent to France for military training
  2. Sent to Italy for academic studies
  3. Sent to England for political training
  4. Sent to America for economic studies
Grade 6 French Revolution
Where was Napoleon born?
  1. Elba
  2. St. Helena
  3. Corsica
  4. Brooklyn
Grade 6 French Revolution
This was a 5 man, two-house legislature that held absolute power for four years in France.
  1. Consulate
  2. National Assembly
  3. Legislative Assembly
  4. Directory
Grade 6 French Revolution
Napoleon's idea of cutting off economic ties with Britain and Europe was known as:
  1. Concordat of 1801
  2. Continental System
  3. Napoleonic Code
  4. Consulate
Grade 6 French Revolution
This made peace with Catholic Church but kept it under state control:
  1. Continental System
  2. Napoleonic Code
  3. Concordat of 1801
  4. Plebiscite
Grade 6 French Revolution
Napoleon had many successes but he also suffered many defeats. How did the French people never learn of these defeats?
  1. The question is false, he wasn't defeated till the end
  2. He had a network of spies and censored the press
  3. He threatened the public with executions
  4. He closed the French borders to curtail the information
Grade 6 French Revolution
Identify 'La Marseillaise'.
  1. Village of Napoleon's defeat
  2. French national anthem
  3. Admiral Nelson's flagship
  4. French doughnut
Grade 6 French Revolution
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