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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Geometry and Measurement Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 10 Geometry and Measurement questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 10 Pythagorean Theorem and Applications
Grade 10 Coordinate Geometry CCSS: HSG-GPE.B.4
For the circle centered at [math](-1,3)[/math] with radius 3, which of the following is true about the point [math](0.5, 0.2) ?[/math]
  1. It lies on the circle.
  2. It lies in the circle.
  3. It lies outside the circle.
  4. Not enough information.
Grade 10 Circles
For each part of the circle listed below, choose ALL of the properties which are true about it.
Always intersects the center of the circle Touches only ONE point on the circle Can form inscribed angles
Grade 10 Symmetry and Transformations CCSS: HSG-CO.A.2
How is the transformation between the two graphs best described?
Graph - Linear Function y=1/2x Graph - Linear Function y=2x
  1. translation
  2. rotation
  3. reflection
  4. reflection and rotation
Grade 10 Triangles
What is the definition of complimentary angles?
  1. Two angles that add to be [math]180 deg[/math]
  2. Two angles that have a difference of [math]90 deg[/math]
  3. Two angles add to be [math]90 deg[/math]
  4. Two angles that have a difference of [math]180 deg[/math]
Grade 10 Angles
Which of these is not a type of angle?
  1. acute
  2. obtuse
  3. skew
  4. right
Grade 10 Three Dimensional Shapes
Match each three dimensional shape with a fact that is true about it.
__ Triangular Pyramid A. Its volume is the length of any side raised to the power of 3.
__ Sphere B. All points on its surface are equidistant from its center.
__ Cube C. It has four vertices.
__ Cylinder D. It has two edges but no vertices.
Grade 10 Angles
An angle that measures exactly 90 degrees.
  1. acute
  2. obtuse
  3. straight
  4. complementary
  5. none of the above
Grade 10 Circles CCSS: HSG-C.A.4
Which line segment is tangent to circle O?
Circle ABCD
  1. [math]bar(AB[/math]
  2. [math]bar(AC[/math]
  3. [math]bar(AD[/math]
  4. [math]bar(AO[/math]
Grade 10 Angles
An angle that measures between 0 and 90 degrees.
  1. acute
  2. complementary
  3. right
  4. straight
  5. none of the above
Grade 10 Similar and Congruent Figures
A triangle where [math]ang B = 30°[/math] will be similar to a triangle where [math]ang C = 60°.[/math]
Right Triangle ABC v1
  1. Always
  2. If the side lengths are the same
  3. If they are right triangles
  4. Never
Grade 10 Points, Lines, and Planes
Points contained on the same line.
  1. coplanar
  2. collinear
  3. line
  4. plane
Grade 10 Similar and Congruent Figures
In the following diagram, quadrilaterals ABED and BFDC are both parallelograms. Match the sides or angles which are congruent.
Parallelogram ABCDEF v1
__ [math]bar{AB}[/math] A. [math]ang 2[/math]
__ [math]ang A[/math] B. [math]bar{ED}[/math]
__ [math]ang 1[/math] C. [math]ang E[/math]
__ [math]bar{AC}[/math] D. [math]ang DFE[/math]
__ [math]ang BCA[/math] E. [math]bar{FE}[/math]
Grade 10 Quadrilaterals
For each of the five quadrilaterals listed below, choose all of the correct properties of their diagonals.
Diagonals Bisect Each Other Diagonals are Perpendicular Diagonals are Congruent
Isosceles Trapezoid
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