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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Golden Age Questions

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Grade 7 Golden Age
What was one benefit of Muslims, Jews and Christians living respectfully together in Cordoba?
  1. They influenced each other's religious practices.
  2. They advanced art, science, and technology.
  3. They developed new forms of government.
  4. They explored far away lands together.
Grade 7 Golden Age
A group of traveling merchants and animals.
  1. Bedouins
  2. caravan
  3. Hajj
  4. Caliph
Grade 7 Golden Age
West African trade was based mainly on which two items?
  1. gold and silver
  2. slaves and copper
  3. silk and ivory
  4. gold and salt
Grade 7 Golden Age
What developed around oases?
  1. feudal manors
  2. trading centers
  3. rival kingdoms
  4. new technologies
Grade 7 Golden Age
Arabia's location made it important for what activity?
  1. herding
  2. governing
  3. climbing
  4. trading
Grade 7 Golden Age
Which best describes how the rulers of medieval Ghana gained wealth and power?
  1. By conquering the Mali Empire
  2. By converting to Islam
  3. By mining salt
  4. By controlling trade
Grade 7 Golden Age
What is our best source of information about ancient Ghana?
  1. Oral histories from West African tribes.
  2. Objects found and studied by archaeologists.
  3. Written records of Arab traders of the time.
Grade 7 Golden Age
Which of these was not present in Islamic art?
  1. geometric images
  2. images of humans
  3. arabesque designs
  4. images of natural patterns
Grade 7 Golden Age
The Muslim Empire spread across parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. What unified these diverse groups of people?
  1. common ancestors
  2. common political beliefs
  3. common mathematical theories
  4. common religion
Grade 7 Golden Age
How did West Africans keep track of their history before the arrival of Arab traders?
  1. They wrote it on mud tablets.
  2. They kept important artifacts in caves.
  3. They passed on their stories orally.
  4. They drew pictures on the walls of important buildings.
Grade 7 Golden Age
Where is the Arabian Peninsula?
  1. Northern Asia
  2. Near South China
  3. By the Persian Gulf and Red Sea
  4. None of the above
Grade 7 Golden Age
What does this list show about Muslims?
-Papermaking from China.
-Number system from India.
-Philosophy from Ancient Greece.
  1. They developed new technologies.
  2. They accepted other cultures' ideas.
  3. They focused on their religious practice.
  4. They allowed immigrants to live in Arabia.
Grade 7 Golden Age
Silent barter system used by traders in Ghana was used mainly to do which of the following?
  1. Keep outsiders from learning the local language
  2. Exchange goods without direct contact
  3. Trade surplus crops for money
  4. Cheat traders from the north
Grade 7 Golden Age
Grade 7 Golden Age
What important mathematical symbol or concept did Muslims name?
  1. the multiplication sign
  2. zero
  3. The equal sign
  4. long division
Grade 7 Golden Age
How did Ghana keep control of the gold supply?
  1. They closed the mines every few months
  2. They made it illegal for traders to carry more than 30 nuggets of gold.
  3. They ordered that only the king could own gold nuggets.
Grade 7 Golden Age
How did Muslims modify the land to adapt to the climate?
  1. They designed clothes for hot weather.
  2. They built windmills.
  3. They dug irrigation ditches.
  4. They took salt out of ocean water.
Grade 7 Golden Age
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