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Holes - Children's Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Fourth Grade (Grade 4)

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Grade 4 Holes
Stanley felt that when the boys gave him a nickname it meant that they:
  1. Accepted him as a member of the group.
  2. Were making fun of him.
  3. Had to or they would get in trouble.
  4. Were just making "mom" feel bad.
Grade 4 Holes
When Mr. Pendanski asked Stanley who was the person accountable for sending him to Camp Green Lake, Stanley said:
  1. "Sweet Feet" Clyde Livingston
  2. The judge
  3. His no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.
  4. The homeless shelter
Grade 4 Holes
Zero asks Stanley to teach him how to:
  1. Dig a wider hole.
  2. Read words.
  3. Yell like a caveman.
  4. Sing like a canary.
Grade 4 Holes
When The Warden finds out that Mr. Sir interrupted her day because of the stolen sunflower seeds, she:
  1. Punishes the boy and tells him to keep digging.
  2. Slaps the boy with rattlesnake laced nails.
  3. Slaps him with rattlesnake venom on her nails.
  4. Tells Mr. Sir that he wasted her time.
Grade 4 Holes
When Stanley's great grandfather was asked how he had survived for so long in the "wasteland", his response was that he:
  1. "thought about better days ahead."
  2. "found refuge on God's thumb."
  3. "didn't need as much water as other people."
  4. "found a food supply in a hidden cave."
Grade 4 Holes
X-Ray's tells Stanley to give him anything he finds due to the fact that:
  1. He is the most curious of the group.
  2. He is being mean to Stanley and the other boys.
  3. He wants Stanley to stay out of the lime light.
  4. His eyesight is bad and he's been digging almost a year.
Grade 4 Holes
Who takes the blame for stealing the sunflower seeds?
  1. Armpit
  2. Zero
  3. Caveman
  4. Squid
Grade 4 Holes
What does Stanley learn that he will be doing everyday?
  1. Learning how to write letters.
  2. Digging holes to make the lake deeper.
  3. Learning how to make better choices.
  4. Digging holes to "build character."
Grade 4 Holes
What reason did Zero give Stanley for digging his hole after he saw the Warden?
  1. Stanley didn't steal the seeds or the shoes
  2. He just liked to dig holes
  3. He was trying to make the other campers mad
  4. He was afraid of Stanley
Grade 4 Holes
The Warden is the granddaughter of:
  1. Elya Yelnats
  2. Trout Walker
  3. Kate Barlow
  4. Madame Zeroni
Grade 4 Holes
What did Stanley's father invent?
  1. A product for washing clothes.
  2. A product that will get rid of food poisoning.
  3. A product that eliminates foot odor.
  4. A product that smells like onions.
Grade 4 Holes
Which boy from Group D hit Stanley in the head?
  1. Magnet
  2. Zero
  3. Zigzag
  4. Armpit
Grade 4 Holes
Once The Warden is aware that X-Ray has found something,she has the boys:
  1. Each dig a new hole.
  2. Pair up and dig the hole twice.
  3. Take a break and dig again at sunset.
  4. All work on the same hole.
Grade 4 Holes
The Warden gives Mr. Pendanski a choice, he can fill their canteens or he can:
  1. Dig the holes while Stanley fills the canteens.
  2. Quit and be a counselor elsewhere.
  3. Go find 10 of the yellow spotted lizards.
  4. Go to work in the kitchen.
Grade 4 Holes
When Stanley asks Zigzag how The Warden knew all their names, he told her:
  1. Their names are on their uniforms.
  2. That Mr. Sir gave her a full debriefing.
  3. That she studied each of their files.
  4. She has hidden cameras and microphones everywhere.
Grade 4 Holes
In the letter that Stanley's mother sends him, she tells him that she feels like:
  1. She was a bad mother to him.
  2. He should try out more things at the camp.
  3. One of the mom's who can afford to send their kid to camp.
  4. His dad will never solve the odor problem of the sneakers.
Grade 4 Holes
Why are there no guard towers or electric fences at the camp?
  1. The Warden doesn't believe in them.
  2. There is no water for 100 miles.
  3. The Warden didn't have enough money to build them.
  4. Mr. Sir watches them carefully.
Grade 4 Holes
What is the most important rule at Camp Green Lake?
  1. Don't feed the yellow spotted lizards.
  2. Don't upset the Warden.
  3. Don't upset Mr. Sir.
  4. Don't dig a hole that is greater than 5 feet deep.
Grade 4 Holes
Campers bitten by a yellow spotted lizard are sure to:
  1. Suffer a slow and painful death.
  2. Feel discomfort only at the skin level.
  3. Be celebrated for being so lucky to have encountered one.
  4. Feel nausiated and dizzy for up to 12 hours.
Grade 4 Holes
What choice does the judge give Stanley?
  1. Go to jail or serve 5 years of probation.
  2. Go to jail or to Camp Green Lake.
  3. Go to Camp Green Lake or serve 5 years probation.
  4. Serve in "Sweet Feet's" house for 5 years or go to jail.
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