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Third Grade (Grade 3) Immigration Questions

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Grade 3 Immigration
How can you tell that people in the United States come from different cultures and countries?
  1. They speak many languages
  2. They go to the same schools
  3. They play soccer together
  4. They eat similar foods
Grade 3 Immigration
What do many people who move to a new city have in common with many who move to a new country?
  1. Both want to stay in their neighborhood.
  2. Both want to find religious freedom.
  3. Both want to find better homes.
  4. Both want to find a better life.
Grade 3 Immigration
Which of the following is NOT a reason why immigrants formed communities in the United States?
  1. to feel safe
  2. to escape new opportunities
  3. to set up good laws
  4. to make their lives better
Grade 3 Immigration

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Ellis Island is part of which state?
  1. Maine
  2. California
  3. New York
  4. Florida
Grade 3 Immigration
How do ethnic neighborhoods help people who move to this country?
  1. They teach them how to speak English.
  2. They teach them how to eat American food.
  3. They teach them about American clothing.
  4. They can get used to new culture while still having their old culture.
Grade 3 Immigration
During the journey to America on big ships, many people became ill during the trip. Some got so sick they died on the way.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 Immigration
After it opened in 1892, as many as                people came into the U.S. through Ellis Island.
  1. 200 million
  2. 2 million
  3. 200,000
  4. 20 million
Grade 3 Immigration
An interpreter is a person who could help immigrants by:
  1. Loaning money
  2. Finding a place for them to stay
  3. Translating languages so that newcomers could understand
  4. Whispering the right answers to test questions
Grade 3 Immigration
What four countries did early immigrants come from to the United States?
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