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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Immigration Questions

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Grade 8 Immigration
Irish immigrants generally were met with more hostility than some other immigrants because they
  1. were members of the Protestant Church
  2. were believed to be unwilling to work
  3. were members of the Roman Catholic Church
  4. took most of the high-paying jobs
Grade 8 Immigration
How long does a person have to live in the United States in order to become a naturalized citizen?
  1. 5 years
  2. 10 years
  3. 3 years if married to a US citizen
  4. A and C
  5. B and C
Grade 8 Immigration

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Which of the following statements best represents a nativist attitude toward the influx of immigrants around 1900?
  1. Slavs and Italians will be assimilated as easily into the American way of life as were earlier immigrant groups.
  2. Ellis Island should be enlarged to accommodate the huge influx of immigrants.
  3. Immigrants will work for low wages and break strikes, thereby hurting all American workers.
  4. Native-born Americans should organize to help find jobs and homes for new immigrants so that they can become citizens as quickly as possible. (E)
  5. Political machines in the large cities should be responsible for providing immigrants with food, shelter, and jobs in return for their votes.
Grade 8 Immigration

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First stop for immigrants from Europe:
  1. Angel Island
  2. Ellis Island
  3. tenements
  4. urbanization
Grade 8 Immigration
The process of blending into a society:
  1. tuskegee institution
  2. jim crow laws
  3. political machines
  4. assimilation
Grade 8 Immigration
Because they were willing to work for low wages, Californians argued that the Japanese immigrants were:
  1. not able to afford to return to Japan.
  2. taking jobs away from American citizens.
  3. driving down the profits of local stores.
Grade 8 Immigration
First stop in America for most immigrants form Asia.
  1. Ellis Island
  2. Angel Island
  3. Melting Pot
Grade 8 Immigration
In the 1840s, immigrants to the US
  1. were mostly wealthy investors and Protestant ministers who settled in the country.
  2. came from Ireland because of the Great Potato Famine.
  3. were welcomed with open arms by the nativists.
  4. were immediately welcomed because of their affiliation with the Catholic Church.
Grade 8 Immigration
Californians objected to Japanese immigrants because:
  1. there were already enough people in California.
  2. Japanese immigrants were willing to work for low wages.
  3. Japanese immigrants did not work and instead begged for food and money.
Grade 8 Immigration

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Settlement house that offered services to Chicago's poor:
  1. vandeville
  2. hull house
  3. tammany hall
  4. tenement
Grade 8 Immigration
President Roosevelt immediately intervened in the school segregation issue.
  1. Yes, because it was clearly wrong to segregate by race.
  2. No, because the federal government had no direct authority over local schools.
Grade 8 Immigration
In 1905, labor unions on the West Coast started the:
  1. Immigrant Aid Society
  2. Anti-California Group
  3. Japanese and Korean Exclusion League
Grade 8 Immigration
Which one of the following DID NOT happen as a result of the Treaty of Portsmouth?
  1. Japan received a large cash indemnity.
  2. Japan secured recognition of her influence in Manchuria and Korea.
  3. Japan made some territorial gains.
  4. Japan was given control of a key railroad in Manchuria.
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