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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) The Presidents Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 8 The Presidents questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 8 The Presidents
Who was elected as president in the 1824 election?
  1. John Quincy Adams
  2. Henry Clay
  3. George H.W. Bush
  4. Andrew Jackson
Grade 8 The Presidents
Who was the 11th U.S. President?
  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. George Washington
  3. James K Polk
  4. Abraham Lincoln
Grade 8 The Presidents
Which President's term is associated with the "Era of Good Feelings"?
  1. John Adams
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. John Quincy Adams
  4. James Monroe
Grade 8 The Presidents
What is the name of the very first president?
  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Alexander Hamilton
  3. George Washington
  4. Martha Washington
Grade 8 The Presidents
What is engraved on the south wall of the Lincoln Memorial?
  1. The Constitution
  2. The Bill of Rights
  3. The first amendment
  4. The "I Have A Dream Speech"
  5. The Gettysburg Address
Grade 8 The Presidents
Grade 8 The Presidents
Grade 8 The Presidents
What do the flags around the Washington Monument represent?
  1. the 50 states
  2. the 50 states and 6 territories
  3. nothing
  4. for decoration purposes only
  5. the number of Presidents
Grade 8 The Presidents
Grade 8 The Presidents
Which of the following would President Jackson MOST likely say in reaction to the Supreme Court decision in Worcester v. Georgia?
  1. "The Supreme Court's ruling must be obeyed on this issue."
  2. "The Supreme Court has made the wrong ruling on this issue."
  3. "The Supreme Court has taken a step in the right direction, but it hasn't gone far enough."
  4. "The Supreme Court should no longer make rulings regarding Presidential decisions."
Grade 8 The Presidents
Why are there two different colors on the Washington Monument?
  1. Two different types of stone are used
  2. There are not two different colors
  3. They decided to paint them different colors
  4. The colors represent the two political parties
  5. The colors represent the 50 states
Grade 8 The Presidents
How tall is the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the memorial?
  1. 54 feet
  2. 32 feet
  3. 19 feet
  4. 10 feet
  5. 5 feet
Grade 8 The Presidents
Whom did the Democrats choose as their candidate for the Election of 1912?
  1. Theodore Roosevelt
  2. William Howard Taft
  3. Robert LaFollette
  4. Woodrow Wilson
Grade 8 The Presidents
Grade 8 The Presidents
How tall was the Washington Monument?
  1. 450 feet
  2. 325 feet
  3. 555 feet
  4. 5550 feet
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