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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Reconstruction Questions

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Grade 8 Reconstruction
How long did Reconstruction last?
  1. 1864-1877
  2. 1865-1877
  3. 1812-1877
  4. 1863-1877
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Who was the first President to be impeached?
  1. Richard Nixon
  2. Ulysses S Grant
  3. Franklin Roosevelt
  4. Andrew Johnson
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Which political group wanted the federal government to force change in the South?
  1. Radical Democrats
  2. Tea Party
  3. Radical Republicans
  4. Green Party
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Grade 8 Reconstruction
What were President Lincoln's plans for reconstruction following the Civil War?
  1. A southern state could form a new government if 10% of its former slaves agreed to remain on their plantations and work to rebuild the South
  2. A southern state could form a new government after 10% of its voters agreed to abolish slavery and swore an oath of loyalty to the Union
  3. A southern state could form a new government after 10% of its voters swore an oath of loyalty to the United States and the new state abolished slavery
  4. A southern state could form a new government if white men in each state swore loyalty to the Union, but those who fought for the Confederacy would be denied the right to vote
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Republicans who wanted "hard" Reconstruction were called
  1. freedmen.
  2. Copperheads.
  3. Radical Republicans.
  4. carpetbaggers.
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Which of the following was NOT a major goal of Reconstruction?
  1. to bring the southern states back into the Union
  2. to ensure Black Americans their freedom, and civil and political rights
  3. to preserve the health of the economy
  4. to ease immigration laws in order to rebuild the population
Grade 8 Reconstruction
How were the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments similar?
  1. They were immediately approved by all of the states.
  2. They were based on the idea of "separate but equal."
  3. They helped African Americans gain civil rights.
  4. They helped southern states set up new governments.
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Jim Crow laws
  1. expanded the rights granted to African Americans during Reconstruction.
  2. were constantly struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.
  3. led to segregation of the races.
  4. were part of the Fourteenth Amendment.
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Lincoln and Johnson
  1. both favored "hard" plans for Reconstruction.
  2. differed in their plans for Reconstruction.
  3. both favored lenient plans for Reconstruction.
  4. both received full support from Congress for their Reconstruction plans.
Grade 8 Reconstruction
The Ku Klux Klan and other groups like it
  1. helped get African Americans elected to office.
  2. stopped their activities after being outlawed.
  3. helped to continue Reconstruction.
  4. played a role in the decline of voting by African Americans.
Grade 8 Reconstruction
How did Reconstruction finally come to an end?
  1. To become President, Rutherford B. Hayes promised the Democrats that he would end Reconstruction.
  2. The Democrats won the election of 1876 and ended Reconstruction.
  3. President Grant ended Reconstruction just before leaving office.
  4. Congress voted to end Reconstruction.
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Grade 8 Reconstruction
What did Frederick Douglass mean when he said that the freedmen "were sent away empty handed, without money, without friends, and without a foot of land to stand upon"?
  1. The freedmen had little with which to start a new life.
  2. The freedmen lost their land during the war.
  3. Sharecroppers should form organizations to support each other and gain land.
  4. In order to be allowed to vote, freedmen had to pass a literacy test.
Grade 8 Reconstruction
One reason Radical Reconstruction was able to bring change to the South was that
  1. federal soldiers were stationed in the South to enforce new laws.
  2. white southerners supported the changes brought about by Radical Reconstruction.
  3. African Americans voted for Radical Reconstruction.
  4. it was part of General Lee's surrender terms.
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