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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) American Revolution Questions

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Grade 8 American Revolution
Grade 8 American Revolution
Grade 8 American Revolution
Which treaty ended the American Revolutionary War?
  1. Treaty of Virginia
  2. Treaty of Paris in 1783
  3. Treaty of San Lorenzo
  4. Treaty of Louisiana
Grade 8 American Revolution
Written by Thomas Jefferson, this document cut ties between America and Great Britain and listed the numerous reasons justifying doing so.
  1. Declaration of Independance
  2. House of Burgesses
  3. Constitution of the United States
  4. Mayflower Compact
Grade 8 American Revolution
Grade 8 American Revolution
Which of these resolved the conflict between the two plans of government proposed during the Constitutional Convention?
  1. The New York Compromise
  2. The Massachusetts Plan
  3. The Connecticut Plan
  4. The Great Compromise
Grade 8 American Revolution
Grade 8 American Revolution
Thomas Jefferson borrowed ideas from this person in writing the Declaration of Independence?
  1. John Burgoyne
  2. Thomas Paine
  3. John Locke
  4. John Adams
  5. Barack Obama
Grade 8 American Revolution
George Washington and his Continental Army came closest to defeat at which event?
  1. Siege of Boston
  2. Battle of Yorktown
  3. Winter at Valley Forge
  4. Battle of Trenton
Grade 8 American Revolution
All of the following are American victories EXCEPT...
  1. Trenton
  2. Siege of Boston
  3. Yorktown
  4. Bunker Hill
Grade 8 American Revolution
Grade 8 American Revolution
Grade 8 American Revolution
Which founding father wrote the majority of the Declaration of Independence?
  1. John Adams
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Benjamin Franklin
  4. Alexander Hamilton
Grade 8 American Revolution
Why did they want to declare independence?
  1. They felt like they were being treated fairly.
  2. They wanted to be allies with Britain.
  3. They were being treated unfairly.
  4. They did not want to make their own decisions.
Grade 8 American Revolution
What is the American Revolution?
  1. A war between Britain and France.
  2. A war between the 13 Colonies and Britain.
  3. A war.
  4. A war that happened in France.
Grade 8 American Revolution
Which British officer surrendered to George Washington after the Battle of Yorktown?
  1. General William Howe
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. General John Burgoyne
  4. King George III
Grade 8 American Revolution
The army of the colonies was called the
  1. Continental Congress
  2. Continental Army
  3. King's Army
  4. Royal Army
Grade 8 American Revolution
During the siege of Boston the British could not leave the city and the Americans could not enter thus a stalemate was created.

What most closely defines the word "siege"?
  1. A trap.
  2. An economic system of exploitation.
  3. When one force traps another and attempts to outlast.
  4. The navel maneuver of a broadside.
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