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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) American Revolution Questions

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Grade 12 American Revolution
What weakness did Shays' Rebellion expose about the Articles of Confederation?
  1. the inability of the government to impose taxes
  2. the inability of the government to elect leaders
  3. the inability of the government to raise an army
  4. the inability of the government to regulate trade
Grade 12 American Revolution
What were the results of Shays' Rebellion?
  1. George Washington arranged a meeting to resolve a trade dispute.
  2. Virginia's General Assembly proposed a meeting to regulate commerce.
  3. A convention was called for to revise the Articles of Confederation.
  4. all of the above
Grade 12 American Revolution
The Boston Tea Party occurred in?
  1. 1773
  2. 1800
  3. 1643
  4. 2016
Grade 12 American Revolution
why was the First Continental Congress convened?
  1. to demand a repeal of the Intolerable Acts
  2. end British military occupation,
  3. gain power to impose their own taxes
  4. all of the above
Grade 12 American Revolution
From which country did the United States declare independence?
  1. Great Britain
  2. Australia
  3. Russia
  4. France
  5. Spain
  6. Portugal
  7. Brazil
  8. Japan
Grade 12 American Revolution
Which was an achievement of the Second Continental Congress?
  1. preparing a declaration of rights
  2. raising an American army
  3. establishing a strong central government
  4. passing the Intolerable Acts
Grade 12 American Revolution
Author of "Common Sense"
  1. William Blackstone
  2. Robert Morris
  3. John Dickinson
  4. Thomas Paine
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