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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) The Frontier Questions

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Grade 12 The Frontier
Grade 12 The Frontier
Grade 12 The Frontier
Which of the following is NOT a cause of the Mexican American War?
  1. American invading into a disputed area of land between Texas and Mexico
  2. The American president's desire to have some of Mexico's land
  3. The Texans wanted to become part of the USA
  4. Mexico attacked John Freemont's troops outside of Santa Fe
Grade 12 The Frontier
Which of the following was NOT part of the Missouri Compromise?
  1. Missouri would enter the union as a slave state
  2. No territories would be allowed to join the Union as a slave state above the 36 30 line
  3. Maine would enter the union as a free state
  4. Michigan would enter the union as a free state
Grade 12 The Frontier
What did Texas call itself after it won independence from Mexico?
  1. The Republic of Texas
  2. The Lonestar Republic
  3. The Territory of Texas
  4. The Mexican Cession
Grade 12 The Frontier
Land set aside for Native Americans by the federal government is known by the following term:
  1. internment camps
  2. Promise land
  3. Reservations
  4. Concentration lands
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