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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) The Frontier Questions

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Grade 9 The Frontier
Which treaty ended the Mexican-American War?
  1. Paris
  2. Ghent
  3. Veracruz
  4. Guadalupe Hidalgo
Grade 9 The Frontier
What event was a direct cause of the Mexican-American War?
  1. the United States annexation of Texas
  2. the Louisiana Purchase
  3. the Gadsden Purchase
  4. American railroads cutting through Mexican territory
Grade 9 The Frontier
Grade 9 The Frontier
Fearing the outbreak of war, Polk sent which general to the border?
  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Zachary Taylor
  3. Ulysses S. Grant
  4. Robert E. Lee
Grade 9 The Frontier
What happened in February 1890 that led to the Lakota embracing the Ghost Dance movement?
  1. Sitting Bull was assassinated
  2. the Bureau of Indian Affairs refused to aid the tribe
  3. a gold rush in the Black Hills led to an influx of white settlers
  4. the government broke a treaty and divided the Great Sioux Reservation into five smaller reservations
Grade 9 The Frontier
Grade 9 The Frontier
Grade 9 The Frontier
The Ghost Dance religion began with which tribe?
  1. Northern Paiute
  2. Miniconjou
  3. Lakota
  4. Navajo
Grade 9 The Frontier
Grade 9 The Frontier
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