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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) US History Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 9 US History questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 9 Roaring 20s
What was the primary reason Prohibition failed?
  1. alcohol producers bribed the government
  2. the Anti-Saloon League went out of business
  3. the laws had an expiration date and were not renewed
  4. Prohibition laws were weak and often unenforced
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Grade 9 World War I
Which treaty ended World War I?
  1. Reims
  2. Chartres
  3. Versailles
  4. Marseilles
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
What were illegal saloons that still sold alcohol called?
  1. speakeasys
  2. bootleggers
  3. anti-saloons
  4. soda fountains
Grade 9 The Presidents
In the election of 1800, Thomas Jefferson ran against
  1. Alexander Hamilton.
  2. Aaron Burr.
  3. Abraham Lincoln.
  4. John Quincy Adams.
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Founded in 1895, the                                    became the most powerful temperance group.
  1. Prohibition Party
  2. Anti-Saloon League
  3. American Temperance Society
  4. Women's Christian Temperance Union
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
The                        was a campaign by social groups to end the use of alcohol.
  1. Prohibition Party
  2. Whiskey Rebellion
  3. Anti-Alcohol Advocates
  4. Temperance Movement
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Who was the lead lawyer for the defense?
  1. Jacob Ralph Abarbanell
  2. William Howard Taft
  3. Clarence Darrow
  4. H.L. Mencken
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
What organization said that they would defend anyone challenging the Butler Act?
  1. Southern Poverty Law Center
  2. American Civil Liberties Union
  3. Center for Community Change
  4. National Center for Civil and Human Rights
Grade 9 Progressive Era
Who published “How the Other Half Live”?
  1. Booker T. Washington
  2. Ida Tarbell
  3. Jacob Riis
  4. Jane Addams
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