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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) US History Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 10 US History questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 10 Supreme Court Cases
What was the decision in the case Plessy v. Ferguson?
  1. Poll taxes violated the Civil Rights Act
  2. School desegregation was unconstitutional
  3. Racial segregation in public facilities was legal
  4. Police must advise individuals being taken into custody that they have a right to remain silent
Grade 10 Progressive Era
How was health improved during the Progressive Era?
  1. People were required to purchase gym memberships.
  2. All food processing was done by government businesses.
  3. Laws were passed that gave the government power to inspect food.
  4. People were rationed the proper amount of food through food stamps.
Grade 10 American Revolution
Who wrote Common Sense?
  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Patrick Henry
  3. John Dickenson
  4. Thomas Paine
  5. Ben Franklin
Grade 10 American Revolution
Grade 10 Jacksonian Era
Grade 10 American Revolution
What tax were the colonists protesting against in the Boston Tea Party
  1. Stamp Act
  2. Tea Act
  3. Sugar Act
  4. The Intolerable Acts
Grade 10 American Revolution
What war caused England to find new ways of taxing their American colonies before the American Revolutionary War?
  1. The American Revolutionary War
  2. World War I
  3. The Civil War
  4. The French and Indian War
Grade 10 American Revolution
Why did the writers write the Declaration of Independence?
  1. To declare independence from England
  2. To join England politically
  3. To tax the colonists
  4. To pay the debt from the French and Indian War
Grade 10 Progressive Era
Which of the following progressive reforms was enacted by a constitutional amendment?
  1. women's suffrage
  2. consumer protection
  3. regulation of monopolies
  4. conservation of the environment
Grade 10 American Revolution
According to the Declaration of Independence, governments get their power from:
  1. The king of England
  2. The consent of the governed (the people)
  3. Parliament
  4. The military
Grade 10 American Imperialism
Which President believed in the Open Door Policy in China?
  1. William McKinley
  2. Theodore Roosevelt
  3. William Howard Taft
  4. Woodrow Wilson
Grade 10 World War I
What was the only part of Wilson's plan to be added to the Treaty of Versailles?
  1. Elimination of secret treaties.
  2. Reduction in imperialism.
  3. Adjustments to the boundaries in Europe.
  4. League of Nations.
Grade 10 American Revolution
Grade 10 Jacksonian Era
Grade 10 American Revolution
What document inspired the colonial soldiers to fight harder because it included rights for all Americans?
  1. The Declaration of Independence
  2. Articles of Confederation
  3. The United Stated Constitution
  4. The Treaty of 1769
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