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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) The Frontier Questions

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Grade 10 The Frontier
Grade 10 The Frontier
Which of the following marked the end of the wars between the federal government and the Plains Indians?
  1. the Treaty of Fort Laramie
  2. the death of Sitting Bull
  3. the Sand Creek Massacre
  4. the massacre at Wounded Knee
Grade 10 The Frontier
Grade 10 The Frontier
Pull factors would include all of the following Except
  1. religious freedom
  2. economic opportunity
  3. drought
  4. cheap land
Grade 10 The Frontier
Who was Wovaka?
  1. The last Queen of Hawaii
  2. The leader of the Sioux who destroyed Custer and his men
  3. A Paiute Shamen who was a self proclaimed Messiah that could raise the dead
  4. A Black Foot chieftain who led the fight for reform on the reservations
Grade 10 The Frontier
Early prospectors would extract shallow deposits of ore by
  1. hydraulic mining
  2. placer mining
  3. quartz mining
  4. tunnel mining
Grade 10 The Frontier
The supply point for the mining areas in the Rocky Mountain.
  1. Denver
  2. Virginia City
  3. Pikes Peak
  4. Abilene
Grade 10 The Frontier
The Comstock Lode was a rich deposit of
  1. copper
  2. diamonds
  3. silver
  4. gold
Grade 10 The Frontier
Destination for the first cattle drive
  1. Virginia City
  2. Sedalia
  3. Abilene
  4. Denver
Grade 10 The Frontier
Push factors would include all of the reasons listed except
  1. poverty
  2. religious freedom
  3. ethnic prejudice
  4. war
Grade 10 The Frontier
All of the following were technological advances made to resolve farming issues in the West EXCEPT
  1. chilled- iron plows
  2. barbed wire
  3. increased employment
  4. farmers burnt "buffalo chips"
Grade 10 The Frontier
In the 1870s, the Granger movement was organized to promote the interests of
  1. suffragists.
  2. farmers.
  3. factory workers.
  4. recent immigrants.
Grade 10 The Frontier

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When Alaska was added to the United States in 1867, many viewed it as a mistake. It became known as
  1. Alaska Oopsie
  2. Lincoln's Mistake
  3. Seward's Folly
  4. Seward's Screwup
Grade 10 The Frontier
What famous rifle is known in America as 'The Gun that Won the West'
  1. Henry Repeating Rifle
  2. Colt Peacemaker
  3. Winchester Model 1873
  4. Remington Army Revolver
Grade 10 The Frontier

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