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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) The Frontier Questions

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Grade 7 The Frontier
Why is the Battle of Little Bighorn known as “Custer’s Last Stand”?
  1. Custer quit after the battle.
  2. Custer was seriously injured as he led his forces to victory
  3. Custer was killed along with his entire force
  4. Custer surrendered to the Lakotas.
Grade 7 The Frontier
What ended the Texas Revolution?
  1. Treaty of Velasco
  2. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  3. Treaty of San Juan
  4. Adams-Onis Treaty
Grade 7 The Frontier
Which of these once belonged to Mexico?
  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Louisiana
  4. Nebraska
Grade 7 The Frontier
Grade 7 The Frontier
What River did Mexico say was the southern boundary of Texas?
  1. Rio Grande River
  2. Brazos River
  3. Red River
  4. Nueces River
Grade 7 The Frontier
Grade 7 The Frontier
How did most Americans feel about the Texans' fight against Mexico?
  1. They opposed it.
  2. They supported it.
  3. They attacked it.
  4. They ignored it.
Grade 7 The Frontier
Which state was NOT part of the new "Indian Territory"?
  1. Oklahoma
  2. California
  3. Kansas
  4. Nebraska
Grade 7 The Frontier
The Mexican constitution that put Texas in a state with Coahuila
  1. Constitution of 1824
  2. Constitution of 1826
  3. Constitution of 1836
  4. Coahuila y Tejas
Grade 7 The Frontier
Which battle reduced the population of American Indians through warfare and disease?
  1. Battle of Little Bighorn
  2. Battle of Appomattox
  3. Battle of Wounded Knee
  4. Battle of Sitting Bull
Grade 7 The Frontier
Grade 7 The Frontier
Grade 7 The Frontier
The Texas Declaration of Independence was written by
  1. David G. Burnett
  2. George C. Childress
  3. Sam Houston
  4. Stephen F. Austin
Grade 7 The Frontier
Grade 7 The Frontier
What is not a reason for city growth and development?
  1. Specialized industries, including steel and meat packing
  2. Opposition to westward expansion
  3. Immigration to American from other countries
  4. Movement of Americans from rural to urban areas for job opportunities
Grade 7 The Frontier
The first settlers who came to Texas were not required to
  1. take an oath of allegiance
  2. become Catholic
  3. become citizens of Spain
  4. pay cash in advance for their land
Grade 7 The Frontier
A famous battle between Mexico and Texas took place at...
  1. the monastery
  2. the missionaries
  3. the Aztecs
  4. the Alamo
Grade 7 The Frontier
What did the empresarios receive in payment for their services?
  1. a percentage of the purchase price
  2. grants of some of the best sections of land
  3. an annual salary from the Texas state government
  4. a specified fee paid by the local township
Grade 7 The Frontier
The decree of April 6, 1830, stopped immigration
  1. to Mexico from Texas
  2. to Texas from the US
  3. to Texas from Mexico
  4. to US from Texas
Grade 7 The Frontier
The committee that crafted the Texas Constitution met at
  1. Washington-on-the-Brazos
  2. Mexico City
  3. San Antonio
  4. Nacogdoches
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