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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Colonial Period Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 7 Colonial Period questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 7 Colonial Period
Grade 7 Colonial Period
What document was written by the Pilgrims that later influenced the framers of the Constitution?
  1. Magna Carta
  2. Mayflower Compact
  3. Bill of Rights
  4. Virginia Declaration of Rights
Grade 7 Colonial Period
The Native Americans called these crops the 'Three Sisters'
  1. Watermelons, strawberries and peanuts
  2. Tomatoes, avocados and potatoes
  3. Peas, collards and pumpkins
  4. Corn, squash and beans
Grade 7 Colonial Period
During which years did the French and Indian War take place?
  1. 1700-1776
  2. 1754-1763
  3. 1812-1815
  4. 1775-1780
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Grade 7 Colonial Period
The colony at Jamestown Virginia was most significant for
  1. establishing religious tolerance in America
  2. being England's first permanent settlement in America
  3. establishing America's first democratic government
  4. being immediately successful, and inspiring Europeans to move to America
Grade 7 Colonial Period
What is the term for crops that are always needed?
  1. plantation crops
  2. headright
  3. staple crops
  4. cash crops
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Why did the Pilgrims leave England?
  1. To grow crops
  2. To get away from the Wampanoag Indians
  3. To separate from the Puritans
  4. To escape religious persecution
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Land named in honor of King Louis XIV of France
  1. Louisiana
  2. New york
  3. New Orleans
  4. St. Louis
Grade 7 Colonial Period
                                            was a result of Columbus's voyage
  1. many Native American people lost their land
  2. Europeans learned about the Americas
  3. Spanish colonists settled in the West Indies
  4. all of the above
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Who were the Puritans?
  1. Protestant religious group that believed in non - violence and the equality of men and women
  2. The founders of Virginia
  3. A Protestant group that wanted to reform, or purify the Church of England.
  4. People that left their country of birth to live in another country
Grade 7 Colonial Period
One long-term effect of the European exploration of the Americas was
  1. the desire for trade
  2. American foods spread around the world
  3. Asian foods spread around the world
  4. European rulers sought ways to increase wealth
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Indentured Servants
  1. Forced labor that was mainly used in the southern colonies
  2. Law that said colonies who pay their way to Virginia will receive 50 acres of land for each person they bring
  3. Leader of the Puritans
  4. Document giving colonists permission to settle in a certain area
  5. Document the Pilgrims signed to govern their colony
  6. Laborers who worked for 3 - 7 years in exchange for payment to America
  7. Trade laws the English put in place to control the American colonies
  8. Founded Pennsylvania
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Grade 7 Colonial Period
As a result of this, Great Britain gained Canada from France
  1. War of 1812
  2. Revolutionary War
  3. Bacon's Rebellion
  4. French and Indian War
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