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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Colonial Period Questions

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Grade 11 Colonial Period
Grade 11 Colonial Period
Native American civilizations were threatened by
  1. diseases introduced by white settlers
  2. buffalo herds
  3. other Native American groups
  4. drought
Grade 11 Colonial Period
How did the Boston Massacre start?
  1. Colonists started shooting at British soldiers
  2. A mob of colonists threw rocks at the British until they fired back
  3. The British attacked some colonists and took their houses
  4. The British fired on a group of colonists for no reason
Grade 11 Colonial Period
What was the main purpose of the Sons of Liberty?
  1. Catch withces in the Salem Witch Trials
  2. Protest British taxes
  3. Support the Stamp Act
  4. Help smugglers smuggle their goods
Grade 11 Colonial Period
Why did King George create the Intolerable Acts?
  1. To start a war with the colonies
  2. To force the colonists to buy British goods
  3. To apoligize for the intolerable acts of the British taxes
  4. To punish the colonists for their protests (Boston Tea Party)
Grade 11 Colonial Period
What area of land where the British and French fighting over in the French and Indian War?
  1. Boston Harbor
  2. Ohio Valley
  3. Smoky Mountains
  4. Southern Colonies
Grade 11 Colonial Period
Colonists chose                   as their military leader.
  1. Paul Revere
  2. Samuel Adams
  3. Thomas Paine
  4. George Washington
Grade 11 Colonial Period
The primary source of livelihood for most colonial Americans was
  1. manufacturing.
  2. agriculture.
  3. lumbering.
  4. commerce and trade.
  5. fishing.
Grade 11 Colonial Period
What territory did the English gain after the French and Indian War?
  1. Everything north of Mexico
  2. Everything south of Canada
  3. Everything east of the Mississipi River
  4. Everything west of the Mississipi River
Grade 11 Colonial Period
The "triangular trade" involved the sale of rum, molasses, and slaves among the ports of
  1. Virginia, Canada, and Britain.
  2. the West Indies, France, and South America.
  3. New England, Britain and Spain.
  4. New England, Africa, and the West Indies.
  5. India, Africa and Britain.
Grade 11 Colonial Period
What does the phrase "no taxation without representation" mean?
  1. Government should be allowed to tax people whenever they want
  2. People shouldn't be taxed when they aren't represented in government
  3. Taxes shouldn't be allowed at all
  4. The colonists shouldn't be allowed to tax their government
Grade 11 Colonial Period
What happened during the Salem Witch Trials?
  1. Townspeople in Salem started accusing their neighbors of beling witches
  2. The Wicked Witch of the West was put on trial
  3. Puritans started putting non-Puritans in jail
  4. All of the slaves living in Salem were accused of being witches
Grade 11 Colonial Period
Among the many important results of the Great Awakening was that it
  1. broke down sectional boundaries and created a greater sense of common American identity.
  2. contributed to greater religious liberalism and toleration in the churches.
  3. caused a decline in a colonial concern for education.
  4. moved Americans closer to a single religious outlook.
  5. called for the building of new schools.
Grade 11 Colonial Period
Colonist offered a solution to Britain. The solution was called                            
  1. Treaty
  2. Olive Branch Petition
  3. Declaration of Independence
  4. Declaration of Rights
Grade 11 Colonial Period
Why did the 1st Continental Congress form?
  1. To ask England to forgive them for their protests
  2. To protest the Intolerable Acts
  3. To declare independence from England
  4. To write the Declaration of Independence
Grade 11 Colonial Period
Who invented the cotton gin?
  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Eli Whitney
  3. George Washinton
  4. John Adams
Grade 11 Colonial Period
One significant consequence of the Glorious Revolution for the American colonies was
  1. An end to English regulation of colonial commerce.
  2. A renewed sense of entitlement to liberty, as the birthright of all English subjects.
  3. A broadening of religious toleration, particularly for Catholics.
  4. A growing sense among white southerners that slavery was wrong.
Grade 11 Colonial Period
Grade 11 Colonial Period
What was the Proclamation of 1763?
  1. a treaty to end the French/Indian War
  2. a tax that was placed on glass and tea
  3. a command from the king to close all lands north and west of the Appalachian Mountains to new settlements by the colonists
  4. a command to close the Boston Harbor
Grade 11 Colonial Period
German settlement in the colonies was especially heavy in
  1. Massachusetts.
  2. Maryland
  3. New York
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Virginia
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