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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Modern Era Questions

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Grade 11 Modern Era
In 1958, the US government increased spending on math and science education and research in reaction to what?
  1. creation of the Warsaw Pact
  2. launching of Sputnik
  3. installation of soviet missles in Cuba
  4. U-2 incident
Grade 11 Modern Era
The formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) were attempts by the US and other nations to do what?
  1. create mutual defense pacts
  2. increase tariff rates
  3. decrease the number of nuclear weapons
  4. provide economic aid to the poor
Grade 11 Modern Era
JFK created the Peace Corps in the 1960's to do what?
  1. fight revolutionaries in democratic nations with military force
  2. improve economic conditions in developing countries
  3. rebuild US cities through urban renewal
  4. overthrow Soviet control of Eastern Europe
Grade 11 Modern Era
What was one way the US government reacted to Sputnik in 1957?
  1. establishing a naval blockade in Cuba
  2. urging more Americans to buy war bonds
  3. starting the Strategic Arms Limitation talks (SALT)
  4. increasing federal spending on math and science education
Grade 11 Modern Era
Grade 11 Modern Era
Grade 11 Modern Era
Grade 11 Modern Era
Taft's policy of "dollar diplomacy"                                                              .
  1. was primarily aimed at helping underdeveloped countries.
  2. resulted in less American influence in Latin America.
  3. had little influence on American national security interests.
  4. promoted American financial and business interests abroad.
  5. helped establish the prestige of the United States in Asia.
Grade 11 Modern Era
Immigration quotas were abolished by the                             Act of 1965.
  1. Immigration and Nationality
  2. Equal Nationalilty
  3. Displaced Persons
  4. National Origins
Grade 11 Modern Era
A wave of immigration from China was prompted by what event?
  1. California Gold Rush
  2. Yukon Gold Rush
  3. Boxer Rebellion
  4. Opium Wars
Grade 11 Modern Era
What evidence shows that the Reagan Administration's argument that it needed to sell weapons to Iran to gain their cooperation in getting hostages held in Lebanon freed was false?
  1. the hostages had already been freed before the arms sales started
  2. the arms sales began before the hostages were captured
  3. Iran was already working to get the hostages freed
  4. no hostages were actually taken
Grade 11 Modern Era
Grade 11 Modern Era
The Tower Commission was created in 1986 to investigate what agency's role in the Iran-Contra Affair?
  1. Secret Service
  2. Homeland Security
  3. National Security Council
  4. Central Intelligence Agency
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