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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Modern Era Questions

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Grade 11 Modern Era
The Scopes Trial dealt with a teacher from Tennessee who did this:
  1. Taught evolution in school
  2. Allowed prayer in school
  3. Was a Communist
Grade 11 Modern Era
Woodward and Bernstein were reporters for                    ?
  1. Time Magazine
  2. Politico
  3. Mother Jones
  4. The Washing Star
  5. The Washington Post
Grade 11 Modern Era
CREEP stands for                                                  ?
  1. Community Reinvestment Education Election Company
  2. Committee to Re-Elect The President
  3. Communism Rapid Energy Effectiveness Plan
  4. China Readiness Energy Effectiveness Plan
  5. Corporate Republicans End Energy Pacificism
Grade 11 Modern Era
Grade 11 Modern Era
What were the Rosenbergs accused of?
  1. being communist
  2. selling secrets to the Soviets
  3. spying on the U.S.
  4. all of the above
Grade 11 Modern Era
During the Cold War, the U.S. and the Soviet Union battled each other                                 
  1. militarily and politically
  2. economically and technologically
  3. technologically and politically
  4. militarily and economically
Grade 11 Modern Era
What did President Truman call his political policy?
  1. New Deal
  2. Square Deal
  3. Fair Deal
  4. Great Deal
Grade 11 Modern Era
The Cold War was a
  1. period of cooperation and agreement among the United States and the U.S.S.R
  2. period of confrontation and competition between the United States and France.
  3. period of confrontation and competition between the United States and the U.S.S.R
  4. none of the above.
Grade 11 Modern Era
The success of Operation Desert Storm greatly increased public appreciation and support for the U. S. Military. What were the positive results of the Persian Gulf war?
  1. U.N. forces liberated Kuwait
  2. Civilian casualties were very light considering the large number of aircraft mission flown
  3. Women played an important role in the war
  4. All of the above
Grade 11 Modern Era
The Persian Gulf War began on January of 1991 with a massive air attack against Iraq. What was General Saddam Hussein's response to the air attack?
  1. Tank invasion
  2. Scud Missile attack
  3. Used weapons of mass destruction
  4. Set fire to more than 600 oil wells
  5. Both b and d
Grade 11 Modern Era
The U.S. fought the Persian Gulf War or Operation Desert Storm because the Iraq military invaded and conquered Kuwait. What steps did President Bush do prior to invading Iraq?
  1. Imposed economic sanctions on Iraq
  2. The U.N. announced a total embargo on Iraq
  3. President Bush built a coalition of nations against Iraq
  4. Both a and c
  5. All of the above
Grade 11 Modern Era
During the Vietnam War, what was going on in the US? (Circle all that apply).
  1. Racial Tension
  2. Race Riots
  3. The country was divided between people who were for and against the war
  4. Peace protests
  5. The "Hippie Movement" promoting freedom, peace and love
  6. The Packers are in the Super Bowl
  7. the first successful heart transplant
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