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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Immigration Questions

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Grade 7 Immigration

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What led to overcrowded immigrant neighborhoods and tenements?
  1. Settlement Houses
  2. Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization
  3. Tenements and ghettos
  4. Political corruption
Grade 7 Immigration
Which of the following is a reason for the increase in immigration?
  1. Specialized Industries
  2. Desire for religious freedom
  3. Settlement houses
  4. Population changes
Grade 7 Immigration
During immigration, what groups of immigrants were discriminated against?
  1. Chinese and English
  2. Irish and Australian
  3. Irish and Spanish
  4. Chinese and Irish
Grade 7 Immigration
Why was Ernst nicknamed the Father of the Immigrants?
  1. He encouraged immigration.
  2. He approved immigrants' applications.
  3. He created the land grant system.
  4. He led many immigrant groups into Texas.
Grade 7 Immigration
Which of the following best explains the efforts made to solve immigration problems.
  1. Political machines provided jobs and housing
  2. Americans moved to cities from rural areas
  3. American Indians assimilated to American lifestyle
  4. Immigrants escaped from oppressive governments
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