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The Frontier Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 The Frontier
Grade 6 The Frontier
What was the most common type of wagon on the Oregon Trail?
  1. stagecoaches
  2. conastogas
  3. covered wagons
  4. wains
Grade 5 The Frontier
What was the primary mission of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
  1. remove Native Americans from Louisiana
  2. explore and map the Louisiana Purchase
  3. find gold in the Rocky Mountains
  4. capture Spanish territory in California
Grade 6 The Frontier
Where did the Oregon Trail begin?
  1. Fort Worth, Texas
  2. Little Rock, Arkansas
  3. Independence, Missouri
  4. Wichita, Kansas
Grade 3 The Frontier
What is the name of the law that allowed people to claim Unassigned Lands?
  1. Dawes Act
  2. Land Runs
  3. Homestead Act
  4. Unassigned Lands Law
Grade 5 The Frontier
Who commissioned the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
  1. George Washington
  2. Benjamin Franklin
  3. Thomas Jefferson
  4. John Adams
Grade 6 The Frontier
How long was the Oregon Trail?
  1. 600 miles
  2. 1200 miles
  3. 2000 miles
  4. 3000 miles
Grade 5 The Frontier
Grade 8 The Frontier
What was the mission of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  1. Remove Native Americans from Louisiana.
  2. Explore and map the Louisiana Purchase.
  3. Find a route to the Pacific Ocean
  4. Set up trading posts
Grade 5 The Frontier
Which two railroads operated the Transcontinental Railroad?
  1. Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern
  2. Union Pacific and Central Pacific
  3. Central Pacific and Great Northern
  4. Conrail and Norfolk Southern
Grade 5 The Frontier
The men on the Lewis and Clark Expedition were part of what army unit?
  1. Rocky Mountaineers
  2. The Privateers
  3. The Corps of Engineers
  4. The Corps of Discovery
Grade 7 The Frontier
Why is the Battle of Little Bighorn known as “Custer’s Last Stand”?
  1. Custer quit after the battle.
  2. Custer was seriously injured as he led his forces to victory
  3. Custer was killed along with his entire force
  4. Custer surrendered to the Lakotas.
Grade 9 The Frontier
Which treaty ended the Mexican-American War?
  1. Paris
  2. Ghent
  3. Veracruz
  4. Guadalupe Hidalgo
Grade 9 The Frontier
What event was a direct cause of the Mexican-American War?
  1. the United States annexation of Texas
  2. the Louisiana Purchase
  3. the Gadsden Purchase
  4. American railroads cutting through Mexican territory
Grade 5 The Frontier
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