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World War I Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these World War I questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 9 World War I
Which treaty ended World War I?
  1. Reims
  2. Chartres
  3. Versailles
  4. Marseilles
Grade 6 World War I
Who was the U.S president during World War 1?
  1. Woodrow Wilson
  2. William Howard Taft
  3. Teddy Roosevelt
  4. Calvin Coolidge
Grade 11 World War I
The Great Migration during World War I was the movement of which group of people?
  1. European immigrants fleeing to the U.S. to escape the war in Europe
  2. French refugees fleeing to Britain ahead of the German onslaught
  3. Mexicans fleeing to the American Southwest to escape political turmoil
  4. African Americans moving from the South to Northern cities
Grade 10 World War I
What was the only part of Wilson's plan to be added to the Treaty of Versailles?
  1. Elimination of secret treaties.
  2. Reduction in imperialism.
  3. Adjustments to the boundaries in Europe.
  4. League of Nations.
Grade 9 World War I
The assassination of                           ultimately sparked the fighting of WWI.
  1. Winston Churchill
  2. Kaiser Wilhelm II
  3. Archduke Franz Ferdidnand
  4. Tzar Nicholas II
Grade 9 World War I
What was the name of Woodrow Wilson's program for peace that he proposed after WWI?
  1. Wilson's 14 Points
  2. Geneva Convention
  3. Warsaw Pact
  4. Central-Allied Treaty
Grade 9 World War I
Which year did WWI begin?
  1. 1905
  2. 1914
  3. 1941
  4. 1960
Grade 11 World War I
Grade 10 World War I
Which two events marked the resulted the United States emerging as a world power?
  1. American Revolution War and Mexican-American War
  2. Civil War and Spanish-American War
  3. Spanish-American War and WW I
  4. Shay's and Bacon Rebellion
Grade 11 World War I
A country that builds up its armed forces is using what policy?
  1. Big Stick Diplomacy
  2. Militarism
  3. Agression Policy
  4. Defense Policy
Grade 11 World War I
Grade 11 World War I
Grade 9 World War I
The Zimmerman note led to
  1. anti-French feelings.
  2. anti-German feelings.
  3. Wilson's decision to stay neutral during the war.
  4. Roosevelt's decision to stay neutral during the war.
Grade 8 World War I
During the election of 1916, Democrats made a big deal of the fact that Wilson had:
  1. "kept us a beautiful country"
  2. "kept us out of war"
  3. "kept up the national currency"
Grade 9 World War I
What was President Wilson's initial attitude toward the US involvement in World War One?
  1. He wanted to remain neutral
  2. He wanted to enter the war on the side of Britain and the Allies
  3. He wanted to support Germany and the Central Powers
  4. He wanted to pressure Germany to make peace with The Ottoman Empire
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