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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Roaring 20s Questions

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Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
The Harlem Renaissance refers to
  1. a struggle for civil rights by the NAACP
  2. a population increase in Harlem during the 1920's
  3. a program to promote African-American owned businesses
  4. a celebration of African-American culture in literature and art.
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Henry Ford's innovation resulted in affordable cars that more Americans could own.
  1. chains of gas stations
  2. assembly line
  3. improved methods of auto repair
  4. growth of suburbs
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
The economic boom and a good stockmarket during the 1920's were caused in part because
  1. people were buying consumer goods using installments and credit
  2. civil rights for women and minorities helped economy
  3. preparing for war boosted the economy
  4. increased government regulation (control) helped the economy
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
The Nineteenth Amendment, which Congress approved in June 1919,
  1. made it illegal for employers to discriminate against women.
  2. put an end to prohibition.
  3. gave women the right to vote.
  4. forced schools to look at racial background when accepting students.
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
During the 1920s, a vibrant African American culture grew in
  1. The South
  2. Chicago
  3. Harlem
  4. Washington D.C.
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Famous for his trans-atlantic (across the Atlantic) solo flight in his airplane
  1. Red Baron
  2. Johnny Weissmuller
  3. Charles Lindbergh
  4. Howard Hughes
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
The term temperance refers to the campaign against
  1. women's rights
  2. slavery
  3. alcohol
  4. immigration
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
The sense of group identity created by the Harlem Renaissance
  1. formed a basis for later progress for African Americans
  2. was lost by the end of the 1920's
  3. enabled African Americans to form their own nation
  4. ended discrimination against African Americans
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
The nation's central banking system that control's the nation's economy and money supply is
  1. The Federal Trade Commission
  2. Federal Reserve System
  3. Congressional Union
  4. holding company
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Which of the following people were NOT associated with the Harlem Renaissance
  1. Louis Armstrong
  2. Claude McKay
  3. Warren G. Harding
  4. Langston Hughes
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
Which theme best describes the writing of the Harlem Renaissance?
  1. a desire to return to Africa
  2. a call self-reliance and independence
  3. speaking out against racism
  4. the importance of becoming more American
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
He played a popular character, "The Little Tramp" in silent films of the 1920's
  1. Ernest Hemingway
  2. Charlie Chaplin
  3. Rudolph Valentino
  4. Jay Gatsby
Grade 9 Roaring 20s
The Federal Reserve System directly influences the United States economy by causing changes in
  1. the amount of income taxes collected
  2. the size of the federal budget
  3. the supply of money in circulation and credit rates
  4. wages and prices
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