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Third Grade (Grade 3) Making Predictions Questions

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Grade 3 Making Predictions
Randy smelled smoke. He looked outside and saw where it was coming from. A pile of leaves had caught on fire! Randy ran to the phone and started dialing. Who did Randy most likely call?
  1. the market
  2. his cousin
  3. his doctor
  4. the fire department
Grade 3 Making Predictions
The soccer field was at the top of a hill. On each side, there was a steep slope down. The view was great. If the ball got kicked out of bounds, though, there would be a big problem.

What might happen to the ball next?
  1. It will roll down the hill.
  2. It will go flat.
  3. It will go up a tree.
  4. It will bounce too high.
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Terra put on her swimsuit. Next, she packed her towel and sand toys in a bag. Finally, she put on a hat and some sunscreen. Then she walked out the door. Where did Terra most likely go?
  1. the movies
  2. her grandma's house
  3. the beach
  4. on a nature hike
Grade 3 Making Predictions
A title and headings can help me make predictions.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 Making Predictions CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.3.1
Long ago, there lived a pig that was given plenty of good food to eat each day. Needless to say, the sheep was quite satisfied with his life. Satisfied, that is, until one morning when the farmer's wife brought his food and said, "Enjoy this good food while you can, dear sheep. For you shan't be around much longer!"

Make a prediction: What does the farmer's wife most likely tell the pig next?
  1. "We are moving to another farm!"
  2. "You are being sold to a pet store!"
  3. "When next we meet, you will be on our dinner table!"
  4. "We will put you on a diet because you are getting fat!"
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Nico's mother brought home empty boxes from the store. She wrapped the dishes in newspaper and placed them in the boxes. Next, she took down the pictures and the curtains and packed them in boxes. She told Nico that his first day at his new school would be Tuesday.

What prediction can you make?
  1. Nico is not going to go to school anymore.
  2. Nico's mother is going to clean the house.
  3. Nico's family is going to move.
  4. Nico's family is decorating their house.
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Jeff spent all day working outside with his dad. They mowed the grass, trimmed the weeds, and planted bushes. It was one of the hottest days of the summer, and they were both dirty and sweaty. Jeff's dad said, "Let's go inside and call it a day."

What do you think Jeff did as soon as he went inside?
  1. took a shower
  2. made dinner
  3. played a video game
  4. watched TV
Grade 3 Making Predictions
The weatherman is predicting we will probably have a huge snowstorm for this Sunday.

What can you predict?
  1. I enjoy watching the weather on TV and on the Internet.
  2. I'm planning on unpacking my summer clothes, and putting away my winter ones on Saturday.
  3. Maybe we'll have a day off from school on Monday.
Grade 3 Making Predictions
My predictions always have to be right.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Laura was from Chicago. She wasn't afraid of anything and always kept her cool. In her black leather jacket and hair pulled back in a tight knot, she prowled the streets like a panther. What might Laura do if someone threatened her?
  1. Laura would look the person in the eye.
  2. Laura would run away as fast as she could.
  3. Laura would laugh and say, "Take your best shot."
  4. Laura would scream and cry for help.
Grade 3 Making Predictions CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.3.1
The sheep was shocked. Apparently, the farmer and his wife had been giving him all that good food just to fatten him up! But this was a clever sheep, and he immediately came up with a plan. First he ate all the food the farmer's wife had bought. Then he butted down the door to his pen.

What will the sheep do next?
  1. Then he ran away as fast as he could.
  2. Then he ate seconds and fell asleep.
  3. Then he announced that he was finished to the farmer's wife.
  4. Then he came up with another plan.
Grade 3 Making Predictions CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.3.1
Maria looked out the tiny window next to her seat. She could hear the plane's engines warming up. She held on tight as the plane started rolling down the runway. What will happen next?
  1. The will plane land.
  2. Maria will get off the plane.
  3. Maria will have a snack.
  4. The plane will take off.
Grade 3 Making Predictions CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.3.1
Sarah climbed the steps to get to the diving board. She stood on the edge of the board and looked at the pool below. She took a deep breath and got ready. What will Sarah do next?
  1. Put on a swimsuit
  2. Jump off the diving board
  3. Compete in a swim race
  4. Dry off with a towel
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Before you read a story, you should look at the title and pictures, and predict what you think the story will be about.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Tim had five candy bars for breakfast, three bags of chips for lunch, and two big pieces of cake for dessert. What do you think will happen next?
  1. He will get a hug from his mother.
  2. He will run outside and play ball.
  3. His stomach will hurt.
  4. His feet will hurt.
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Yesterday the sun went away, the sky grew dark, big black clouds puffed up in the sky, and the wind began to blow. What do you predict happened next?
  1. It became a sunny day.
  2. It was about to be day time.
  3. A thunderstorm began and it rained.
  4. It was nighttime.
Grade 3 Making Predictions
The puppy ran around the yard looking for his lost bone. He sniffed all over the lawn. When he found the right spot, he started digging. What happened next?
  1. The puppy found his bone.
  2. The puppy looked some more.
  3. The puppy had dinner.
  4. The puppy buried his bone.
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Katie was telling her friends a story about a trick her dog can do. Her friends thought it was very funny. What do you predict her friends did next?
  1. They laughed.
  2. They cried out with fear.
  3. They got mad.
  4. They went home sad.
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Mya had just mopped the floor. It was very slippery. Just then, her little brother ran through with his socks on. Mya tried to warn him, but it was too late. What probably happened next?
  1. Mya's brother ate breakfast.
  2. Mya's brother slipped and fell.
  3. Mya took a shower.
  4. Mya mopped the floor.
Grade 3 Making Predictions
Predictions should be made after you finish reading a story.
  1. True
  2. False
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