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Medical Practices Questions - All Grades

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College Medical Practices
A local health department has fixed costs of $100,000 per month and variable costs of $25 for physical exams. It proposes to provide each exam for $50. What is the break-even output for this department?
  1. 4,000 exams
  2. 4,000 exams in a month
  3. cannot be worked out from the information
  4. 2,000 exams per month
College Medical Practices
The general measurement is 5 milliliters per teaspoon (ml/tsp). If the medication you are taking is 60mg/tsp, how many milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) is it?
  1. 10mg
  2. 60mg
  3. 12mg
  4. 2mg
Grade 12 Medical Practices
You write blood pressure by diastolic over systolic.
  1. True
  2. False
College Medical Practices
Dr. Smith tells Technician Andrea to give an antibiotic injection to Sam. Sam weighs 25kg and the dose is 2mg/kg. The medication comes in 25mg/ml. How many mls will she give to Sam?
  1. 2mls
  2. 25mls
  3. 1ml
  4. 10mls
  5. She panics and quits her job.
Grade 12 Medical Practices
Blood pressure is written as a ratio. The diastolic number (bottom number) represents the pressure in the arteries in between heart beats.
  1. True
  2. False
College Medical Practices
What is a medication that could be given intranasal?
  1. Kennel Cough Vaccination
  2. Sedative
  3. Pain medications
  4. Vaccinations
Grade 12 Medical Practices
What is the type of Cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells?
  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Surgery
  3. Radiation
  4. Medication
College Medical Practices
Which type of drug admistration routes enables the medication to act quickly, and is usually used to induce a patien prior to placing an ET tube and connecting to an inhalent anesthetic and oxygen for surgery?
  1. Intramuscular
  2. Intraderma
  3. Intravenous
  4. Intrablood
College Medical Practices
Which route of administration are vaccines given in?
  1. Intabvenous
  2. Intramuscular
  3. Intradermal
  4. Subcutaneous
Grade 8 Medical Practices
What is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy?
  1. Condoms
  2. IUD
  3. Abstinence
  4. Birth control pills
Grade 1 Medical Practices
What can plaque build up on your teeth cause?
  1. cavities
  2. mold
  3. ice
Grade 11 Medical Practices
Getting these when you're young, helps your body fight off diseases:
  1. stickers
  2. bandages
  3. shots (immunizations)
  4. cough drops
College Medical Practices
When giving a subcutaneous injection, you draw back on your syringe and instead of receiving negative pressure, you recieve lots of air. What is the most likely reason this is happening?
  1. You have pierced through the skin to the other side
  2. You have hit a pocket of air underneath the animals skin
  3. This is normal, should happen every time you give a SC injection
  4. The animal exhaled while you were drawing back on the syringe, and pushed extra air into it
Grade 9 Medical Practices
The goal of regenerative medicine is to cure the illness not just lessen the symptoms of painful diseases.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 8 Medical Practices
Non viral or bacterial STD's can be treated with
  1. Anitbiotics
  2. Shower
  3. Anti-bacterial lotion
  4. None
Grade 9 Medical Practices
Once an organism has been given a vaccine for a given pathogen, which of the following should occur?
  1. immunity from the macrophages produced
  2. immunity from the plasma cells produced
  3. immunity from the pathogen
  4. immunity from the antibodies produced
None Medical Practices
An individual's system of maintaining cleanliness and health is know as:
  1. nutrition
  2. public hygiene
  3. personal hygiene
  4. public sanitation
Grade 7 Medical Practices
The process of giving a vaccine by injection or mouth is called                .
  1. Vaccination
  2. Immunity
  3. Cure
  4. Treatment
Grade 7 Medical Practices
A person who has kidney failure must have                   to filter the blood.
  1. Good Luck
  2. Dialysis
  3. Money
  4. None of the above
Grade 4 Medical Practices
The best way to prevent the spread of disease:
  1. rest
  2. exercise
  3. hand washing
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