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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Medical Practices Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 5 Medical Practices questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

Grade 5 Medical Practices
What are two ways things we can do to keep our teeth healthy?
  1. brush and floss
  2. brush and eat more sugar
Grade 5 Medical Practices
The          common                 cold        is a disease that commonly affects our respiratory system. It is caused by a         virus        . Drinking lots of           fluids            is usually the best medicine for this disease.

Br           onchitis            can develop from having a constant cold. It can also be caused by a        lung        infection,           measles          ,          heart          disease or smoking. Humidifiers can help people            breathe             better at night whilst they sleep.

Respiratory             allergies             such as          asthma          or       hay               fever         can also cause breathing problems.

Another lung disease is             emphysema             typically caused by smoking, air pollution and genetic factors.

A bacteria is the typical cause of another respiratory disease,                tuberculosis               .

Finally lung           cancer            has been found to be caused by smoking. Its a major killer amongst smokers.
Grade 5 Medical Practices
Your little brother cut his arm playing outside. Put these steps in order.

     2     Clean the cut with soap and water.
     1     Put on gloves.
     5     When the cut stops bleeding put on a clean bandage.
     4     Lift the cut above the heart.
     3     If the cut is still bleeding put pressure on it.
Grade 5 Medical Practices
What is CPR used for?                                                                           CPR is used to revive some one who is not breathing and has no heartbeat                                                                           

Who should perform CPR?                                                         only people who are trained in CPR should perform CPR                                                        
Grade 5 Medical Practices
What do you do if someone get a minor burn?
1.                                                            put a cold cloth over the burn or run it under cold water                                                            
2.                       put on clean bandage                       
Grade 5 Medical Practices
Should you ever pat someone on the back who is choking?                                                                              no because it can cause whatever is stuck in their throat to get more stuck                                                                              

What do you do if someone is choking? Put these steps in order.

     1     stand behind the person and wrap your arms their waist
     5     continue until the object comes out
     2     make a fist and put it right above their belly button
     4     press into their stomach with a quick upward push
     3     put your other hand on top of you fist
Grade 5 Medical Practices
Why do we have the Universal Precautions?                                               To help keep everyone safe from body fluids.                                               

What are the five Universal Precautions?
Grade 5 Medical Practices
The immunizations you get from the doctor help protect you from diseases.
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