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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Modern Europe Questions

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Grade 7 Modern Europe
Grade 7 Modern Europe
What is the form of government in the United Kingdom?
  1. dictatorship
  2. constitutional monarchy
  3. military
  4. socialism
Grade 7 Modern Europe
The cuisine of any European country is largely determined by its
  1. landforms and climate
  2. seaports and villages
  3. economy and railroads
  4. imports and exports
Grade 7 Modern Europe
What did the Impressionist painters attempt to do?
  1. use light and color to capture a moment
  2. emphasize form and color over realism
  3. portray gods and goddesses with realistic human forms
  4. present religious subjects as two-dimensional figures
Grade 7 Modern Europe
During which period did many artists begin working in an abstract style?
  1. mid-17th century
  2. late 18th century
  3. mid-19th century
  4. early 20th century
Grade 7 Modern Europe
What was the effect of the two world wars on 20th-century literature?
  1. Writers reflected the sense that life was unpredictable.
  2. Writers criticized the traditional roles of husbands and wives.
  3. Writers explored the rights of the individual.
  4. Writers such as Goethe emphasized emotion and nature.
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