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Third Grade (Grade 3) Money (Canada) Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 3 Money (Canada) questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

Grade 3 Money (Canada)
You have these coins:
Canadian DimeCanadian NickelCanadian NickelCanadian Penny
If you give a nickel away, how much money do you have left?
  1. $0.11
  2. $0.16
  3. $0.20
  4. $0.21
Grade 3 Money (Canada)
You have the following coins:
Canadian DimeCanadian QuarterCanadian QuarterCanadian Nickel
You find a dime. How much money do you have now?
  1. $0.65
  2. $0.70
  3. $0.75
  4. $0.90
Grade 3 Money (Canada)
What coin is missing to make the total amount 68 cents?
Canadian QuarterCanadian DimeCanadian QuarterCanadian PennyCanadian PennyCanadian Penny
  1. dime
  2. loonie
  3. nickel
  4. quarter
Grade 3 Money (Canada)
Marty has the following coins:
Canadian NickelCanadian DimeCanadian PennyCanadian Penny

Julia has 12 cents. What coin does Julia need in order to have the same amount of money as Marty?
  1. dime
  2. penny
  3. nickel
  4. quarter
Grade 3 Money (Canada)
Ari has the coins shown below:
Canadian 1 DollarCanadian 2 Dollars
He then earns $1.50 for allowance. How much money does Ari now have?
  1. $1.50
  2. $2.50
  3. $3.50
  4. $4.50
Grade 3 Money (Canada)
Logan has more than $0.80 and less than $1.10. Which set of coins could Logan have?
  1. Canadian 2 DollarsCanadian Penny
  2. Canadian 1 DollarCanadian Nickel
  3. Canadian 2 DollarsCanadian Dime
  4. Canadian 1 DollarCanadian Quarter
Grade 3 Money (Canada)
Which set of coins have the same value as the set of coins shown below?
Canadian NickelCanadian Quarter
  1. Canadian DimeCanadian DimeCanadian Dime
  2. Canadian PennyCanadian PennyCanadian Penny
  3. Canadian DimeCanadian PennyCanadian Dime
  4. Canadian PennyCanadian DimeCanadian Penny
Grade 3 Money (Canada)
Harper and Colby are trading coins.
Harper gives Colby the coins shown below.
Canadian NickelCanadian DimeCanadian Nickel
Colby gives Harper 1 quarter.

Which statement about the trade is true?
  1. Harper ends with $0.10 less than she started.
  2. Harper ends with $0.05 less than she started.
  3. Harper ends with $0.10 more than she started.
  4. Harper ends with $0.05 more than she started.
Grade 3 Money (Canada)
Julia has these coins:

Canadian QuarterCanadian QuarterCanadian NickelCanadian Penny

If she earns $1.25 for allowance, how much total money does she have now?
Grade 3 Money (Canada)
Doug has 40 cents. He tosses this coin in a wishing well:

Canadian Quarter

He has 2 coins left. What are the 2 coins?
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