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None Navy Questions

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None Navy
RGA will Decouple starting at         - 500         but will be separated no later than         -1700        
None Navy

Green                               >72 psi EDC oil pressure                              

Yellow                            50 - 72 psi oil pressure                           

Red                               <50 psi EDC oil pressure                              
None Navy
What is the Oil capacity:
Total Space:                15.75 Gallons                
Usable Oil:                8.65 Gallons               
Foaming Space:               5.7 Gallons              
Unusable Space:               1.4 Gallons              
None Navy
TIT Duration

Max Power         1077*C                      5 minutes            

Military Power          1049*C                       30 minutes             

Normal Power          1010*C                       Continuous             
None Navy
O2 System:

Maximum            1800 psi           

Minimum                   1500 psi @ 70*F                  

Pressure Reducer               50 - 90 psi              

Pressure Reducer Relief                     145 psi (blowout)                    
None Navy
Rudder Power

#1 System Switch

Opens at                >2000 psi               

Closes at                <1500 psi               

#2 System Switch

Opens at               >200 psi              

Closes at               <150 psi              
None Navy
Ice Limiter:

Green                    0 - 2.4 inHG diff                    

Yellow                      2.4 - 4.0 inHG diff                      

Red                   4.0 + inHG diff                  
None Navy

Isobaric                  0 - 13.3 inHG                  

Differential                    13.3 - 13.9 inHG                   

Safety                    13.9 - 14.4 inHG                   
None Navy
1B Pump

Is on at (energizes)            2200 psi           

Is off at (de-energizes)                    2950 +/- 150 psi                   
None Navy

Capacity         1 gal        

Service at                      1/2 on Lower Gauge                     
None Navy
Hydraulic System #2

Resovoir           1.0 gal          

Total System           4.5 gal          

Service at            0.75 gal           
None Navy
Hydraulic System #1

Resovoir           5.6 gal          

Total System            16.2 gal           

With Accumulator Charged           5.0 gal          

With Accumulator Charged, Gear Up            4.0. gal           

Service at                   0.8 Below Level                  
None Navy
Fuel Tanks

Engines 1 and 4            1606 gal           

Engines 2 and 3            1671 gal           

Tank 5            2646 gal           

Total Capacity            9200 Gal           
None Navy
Max Reverse

RPM                 96.7 - 104.9%                

TIT               580 - 790*C              
None Navy
Alpha Range, Feather
         86.65          Blade Angle
       110*       Coordinator set by discriminator
None Navy
Alpha Range, Max Power
        22.5*        Blade angle set by                  Beta follow-up                 
      90*      Power Lever Position
None Navy
Alpha Range, Flight Idle
      13*      Blade Angle
      34*      Power Lever Position
None Navy
What contains feedback pentiometer, magnetic clutch, and electric motor and gear and receives electrical inputs from synchrophaser above 32* power lever position?
  1. Pulse Generator
  2. Syncrophasing
  3. Master Sync
  4. Speed Bias Servomotor Assembly
None Navy
In Alpha Range the Power Lever between       34*      and      90*      coordinator position.
None Navy
                 cycle's function: Increases air pressure and decreases air volume.
  1. Intake Cycle
  2. Compression Cycle
  3. Expansion Cycle
  4. Exhaust Cycle
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